Does drinking milk cause osteoporosis?


What kind of image do you have of milk?

Isn’t there such an image that “it is necessary for the growth of children because it makes bones, it is a healthy drink” and “it prevents osteoporosis”?

Or I think some people are wondering, “Is it bad for my body?”

I would like to write about the relationship between milk and health that everyone drinks when I was little.

Drinking milk causes calcium from the bone to dissolve and lead to osteoporosis


Milk is an acidic food with a pH of 6.7 and the body is weakly alkaline due to a pH of 7.4. And while milk has a high calcium content, it also has a high phosphorus content.

Ingest acidic foods rich in phosphorus. Then, the calcium in the bone dissolves into the blood, and the body tries to neutralize it. In short, phosphorus blocks the absorption of calcium.The same thing happens with animal proteins (meat and dairy products) and white sugar.

Because all proteins contain 1% phosphorus, plant foods also contain phosphorus.

Is it possible to have osteoporosis because it contains phosphorus even if it is changed to a vegetable food?

Actually, vegetable phosphorus (phytic acid) is not easily absorbed by the body (absorption rate is 50% or less). Therefore, when you eat a vegan diet, your blood phosphorus level will drop.

In comparison, the phosphorus absorption rate of animal foods is 80%, and the phosphorus absorption rate of processed products and additives is 100%. Processed products and additives especially contain a lot of phosphorus. (Quoted: “How not to die” by Michael Greger)

Excessive intake of phosphorus reduces calcium in bone. This weakens the bones and leads to osteoporosis, which makes fractures more likely.

The government is connected to the livestock industry and dairy farming

Netflix:”What the health” Dietary guidelines members

Despite such research data, it is not well known to the world. The US Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines list dairy products, fish, and meat as healthy.

But The members of this guidelines committee are members of McDonald’s and Coca Cola, confectionery companies, the National Dairy Council, the American Meat Association, the American Egg Association, the National Dairy Department and the National Livestock Industry Department. ..

That is, the recommended diet is the one they want to pay for.

As long as they have the money, they are willing to take in the bad things and kill their lives.

An internal document made public by Dr. Michael Greger reveals that the Department of Agriculture pretended unhealthy food as healthy.

Netflix:”What the health” Internal documents made public by Michael Greger

The US Government has a checkoff program.

This program promotes unhealthy foods (meat, dairy products) to be healthy because they are commercials, online and advertisements, and sells unhealthy foods to the food industry. It is a program.

For example, the check-off program has funded a trillion dollars ($12 million) for a cheese-rich product from Domino’s famous pizza. The government is also funding more coffee for milk.

Netflix:”What the health” A commercial that gives a child a milk mustache and has the same strong feeling as an adult.
Netflix:”What the health” A commercial that advertises that a child needs milk

The most effective way for the food industry to advertise products is to bring in children.

If we take in from a small age, it will be consumed for a lifetime and become a big customer. Also, children are easy to incorporate.

Thus, dairy spends $5.3 billion ($50 million) on posters for public school advertising across the United States.

With this background, schools have unhealthy foods. Keep sending messages to your children.

This is the same method used in the tobacco industry. Targeting young people can bring in new consumers.

Why Japanese people started to drink milk?


Do you know why Japanese people who have a lot of lactose intolerance started to drink milk? I would like to explain its history step by step.

After the war, milk was introduced into school meals by the US GHQ (Allied Forces General Command).

However, it was a mixture of skim milk powder, which was different from the current taste of milk. Even with milk, it was a simple and cheap method.

The School Lunch Act was enacted in 1954, and the main focus was on coppé bread and milk.

The US marketed flour and milk to Japan, which was defeated.

The US in the 1950s was in the midst of a green revolution, and Japan, which has a huge population as a destination for selling surplus grain, was targeted. I tried to change the American diet to a bread diet. (Takeo Suzuki “American Wheat Strategy” and Japanese Dietary Life) 鈴木猛夫「『アメリカの小麦戦略』と日本人の食生活」

Also, in the US, if milk is given to infants and young children, it could cause a child with allergies, and the US Department of Agriculture has already called for refraining from eating meat, milk, and dairy products.

And in 1964, domestic milk became available for Japanese school lunch.



A patient who had been drinking milk daily for calcium had osteoporosis. This is just one example of what I’ve had around me, but I realized that milk doesn’t make bones.

In addition, Japanese dairymen who produce very high quality milk are more

“Everyone knows that milk is not good for your health, so I’d like you to drink my milk as a favorite.”

There was a dairy farmer who said

It’s risky and courageous to say so. However, I felt that he was a good dairy farmer, not to hide that fact and to say “I want you to enjoy it as a favorite item”.

Unfortunately, I cannot buy milk because milk has not only health risks but also global warming, environmental pollution, and animal cruelty.

“Milk drinkers have a high hip fracture rate, are more likely to develop cancer and have a shorter lifespan. Osteoporosis is a factor in countries that consume more dairy products. Is most established, so milk does not protect the bones.”

If you are interested in global warming and environmental problems caused by livestock, please see the following articles.


Reference: Netflix “What the health”