Vegan Does Not Eat Fish!


Do you already know that vegans don’t eat fish? Reading this, you can see why vegans don’t eat fish.

Here, we will also introduce protein that substitutes for fish and ingredients for omega-3.

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Vegan Does Not Eat Fish!


Vegan lives as hard as possible to exploit animals due to ethical issues. That’s why we eat not only meat, but fish, eggs, and dairy products.

What makes animals different from plants is “nerve and feeling pain

So far, scholars have divided the opinion that “Do fish feel pain?” However, recent studies have revealed that “fish have their own pain receptors.” This is called the “nociceptor”.

Fish feel stress through nociceptors.

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It's Official: Fish Feel Pain
The verdict is in. But will our oceanic friends ever get the same legal protections as land animals?

How Is Vegan Substituting For Fish?


Omega 3 (Unsaturated Fatty Acid)

Ubstitutes for omega-3 are flaxseed oil, flax seed, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds.

With a single grab (28g) of walnut, you can take the required amount of 2.5g a day for Japanese.

Among unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 is a very important nutrient. Because omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that cannot be produced in the body.

It has the functions of lowering bad cholesterol, preventing dementia, hair growth, preventing blood clots, preventing blood clots, and developing the brain and nerves.

The flax seeds below are organic and safe because they contain no preservatives. IHerb is cheaper to buy than Amazon. It’s about half price.

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Substitutes include beans, vegetables (especially broccoli, potatoes, avocado) oatmeal, quinoa, chia seeds, tempeh, soy meat and soy milk.

Unknown to many,proteins are also found in vegetables and fruits.

This fact is common knowledge among nutritionists.

Proteins enter the body and when they are broken down they become amino acids. This amino acid is found in all vegetables and fruits.

Therefore, vegans, who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, basically don’t worry about protein deficiency.

The soy meat below is a minced type. Easy to use even for beginners.

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Does Vegan Eat Shellfish?


Some vegans eat shellfish and some don’t.

As I explained above, I think that there are differences between plants and animals, and whether they eat or not.

The shellfish is said to have no nerves and no pain. Therefore, some vegans eat shellfish.

In fact, my foreign vegan friend eats shellfish for that reason.

However, some people choose not to eat shellfish if they are vegans with the idea that “I don’t want to kill the life of creatures“.

By the way, vegans that eat shellfish are said to be “seagan“.


I don’t eat fish. This is because of the environmental problems of the fishery and the unnecessary death of other fish from the fishing nets. Another reason is that I don’t want to ingest the microplastics found in fish. Of course, the big reason is that fish feel pain.

As for shellfish, I don’t eat it because there is a possibility that the sea may be polluted depending on how it is collected and a lot of microplastic is contained in the shellfish.

Microplastic is the most contained in the internal organs. However, when we eat shellfish, we eat the whole internal organs of the shellfish. Therefore, we eat more microplastic than they eat fish.

Vegan people don’t eat fish and shellfish for a variety of reasons.


If you have a vegan friend around you, ask that person!

The following article introduces “seagan”. Please take a look if you are interested.

You can read in English.