Seagan is a vegan that eats seafood

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Before, I introduced a little about “Seagan” in another article.

Have you ever heard the word “Seagan”?

Vegan does not eat fish or shellfish such scallops. There is a difference between Seagan and Vegan.

This time, I would like to introduce “Seagan” in detail.

The previous article is here. If you are interested, please take a look.

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ヴィーガンは魚を食べません。魚の代用はソイミート、豆、チアシード 、野菜、キヌア、オートミールです。オメガ3のためにチアシード 、アマニ油も食べています。魚を食べない理由は魚独自の痛覚の受容器があり、魚も痛みを感じるからです。
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Seagan is a vegan that eats seafood


Seagan is vegan that eats seafood.

The word seagan was created by combining vegan and seafood.A word derived from vegan.

Seagan eats seafood. This idea is called seaganism.

However, there are types in this seagan.

Types of Seagan
  • For health ➡ Ingestion of seafood because of Vitamin B12 that vegans cannot take.
  • To protect the environment/animals ➡ Don’t eat fish but eat only shellfish to protect the environment from fisheries and to protect animals from overfishing.

The purpose of vegan is for each person.

Therefore, even among vegans, lifestyles will be further divided.

Shellfish has no brain and central nervous system


Unlike fish, shellfish such as scallops do not have a brain or central nervous system.

However, it is not known whether shellfish are plants or animals.

Considering shellfish to be similar to plants, Seagan eats bivalve shells such as oysters, clams, clams, scallops and mussels.

Everyone’s reaction to Seagan!


Internet reaction


If there are seagans, we’ll see ”porgan” eating pork, ”cheegan” eating cheese, ”meagan” eating meat, and so on. lol


Vegans are complex,,It’s an individual idea, so let’s watch over


Sustainable than eating livestock!

The plankton, which is a shellfish feed, is in the sea and is easy!


Wasn’t Seagan born because vegan wants to eat fish?

Vegan friend reaction

My vegan foreign friend was vegan, but he knew “seagan” and thought about shellfish.

As a result, he understood that shellfish did not feel pain, so he now eats bivalves. He didn’t want to eat fish.

He became vegan and ate shellfish for the first time in nine years, so he was worried about the sea odor. However, he seems to have had no problems without breaking his stomach.

Eating one shellfish ingests 90 microplastics


By the way, I don’t eat bivalves. This is because eating bivalves consumes more microplastic than eating fish.

Fish also contains microplastics. Most of them remain in the internal organs.

When eating fish, the risk is reduced because the internal organs are removed. However, it is not zero because microplastics have been detected in muscles and fats other than the internal organs of fish.

Compared to that, when eating shellfish, we eat whole fish including internal organs. That’s why we eat more microplastic than we eat fish.

An average of 90 microplastics have been found in one shell.

The following is a reference video.



There are various reasons for being vegan, such as “for health,” “for environmental protection,” and “animal protection.”

The choice changes their life to something more meaningful to them.

What kind of lifestyle to send is an individual’s idea and that person’s way of life, so I would like to respect Seagan as well.


Since I became vegan, I also learned about “Seagan”!

Vegan has various ideas and is really interesting!

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