Celebrity Living As a Vegan 【Japan】


About a celebrity living vegan life.

I think there is an image of people who do not eat meat and who have an unbalanced diet. And, there are almost no people living that life around us. However, there are people who actually live a vegsn lifestyle. I picked up Japanese celebrities.

Asami Mizukawa(水川あさみ)



Date of birth: July 24, 1983 (age 36)
Birthplace: Ibaraki City, Osaka
Height: 163 cm
Blood type: AB type
Occupation: Actress
Activities Period: 1996~
Spouses: Masataka Kubota

Vegan (The reason for becoming vegan)

Asami Mizukawa lives a vegan life. She professed on Instagram and TV. She uses soy meat instead of meat, and I think she’s proud of her vegan diet.

By the way, her husband, Masataka Kubota, was eager to eat too much meat after marrying Asami Mizukawa! I often see that on the internet, but I don’t really know.

Asami Mizukawa introduced her documentary film “Dominion” on Instagram. Below is a quote from Wikipedia.

Dominion is an Australian documentary film released by Chris Delforce in 2018. This film shows many ways animals are regularly misused. A total of 6 facets will be revealed: livestock, wildlife, companion animals, entertainment animals, fur animals, and animal testing.

Film “Dominion”

Dominion was released in 2018 and also free on Yotube. And you can watch it on Youtube with Japanese subtitles as of June 2020. To be honest, there are many images that are quite shocking. There were many situations where I thought, “I think many people feel uncomfortable, isn’t it overkill?” However, I had no choice but to accept that this was an unmistakable reality. The scream of the pig was too high and the speaker was cracking.

However, those who have the question “Why are you vegan?” or who want to know how to eat the food in front of you Please watch this movie by all means.

You must be vegan and vegan just because you see it! There is no such thing. I would be happy if more people could serve as the knowledge necessary to understand the culture and people!

Blouson Chiemi(Shiori Fujiwara)(藤原史織)



Date of birth: August 3, 1990 (29 years old)
Hometown: Okayama City, Okayama
Height 155 cm
Occupation: Entertainer
Activity period: 2016-2020

How did you become vegan?

This is a photo posted by Blouson Chiemi Instagram.


She became vegan because she read the book “Ami Little Alien” I read in 2017. This is a best-selling novel translated in 11 countries since its release in Chile in 1986.

The main character, Ami, was a child who hated meat eating. Therefore, it may have influenced the current desire and way of thinking of Blouson Chiemi. That’s fine.

As you can see on Instagram, Chiemi Blouson’s words are impressive.

Yes, yes, vegan or something like that might be categorized or troublesome

Blouson Chiemi’s concerns are correct. Those who lived on the net were just using 2 as a story. Although you can make your own choices, the current Internet society has an environment where you can say whatever you want.

She started studying in the United States in 2020, but she may have wanted to avoid living in Japan, which is far from Vegan. Perhaps you like foreigners simply because you have interacted with Vietnamese men many times.




Date of birth: March 30, 1990 (30 years old)
Birthplace: Tama City, Tokyo
Height 165 cm
Blood type: AB type
Occupation: Model, actress, singer
Activity period: 2007~

Rola is not vegan!

Actually, Rola wasn’t a vegan!

According to Instagram and Twitter, “She uses vegan food because of the negative environmental impact of livestock!” This caused the internet to flame. In addition, it is the appearance of online people.

Overseas celebrities have declared that Leonardo DiCaprio and Ariana Grande are also vegan. Rola is also a Hollywood actress and probably the people around her are vegan.

Eat more vegan food!Usually, you cannot suddenly change your life by 180 degrees. I don’t think the vegan culture is suddenly loved and adopted by anyone. It would be reckless to say that the people of the Internet do not use the Internet suddenly, and things are little by little.


Is it helpful for those who have chosen a vegan lifestyle to become vegan? Everyone has different reasons for becoming vegan.

I personally think that the most important thing in vegan diet and culture is the impact on the global environment. The UN’s IPCC has stated that climate change will be preserved if all human beings are vegan, and livestock’s burden on the global environment is too great. I think that the market for “eating animals” will gradually decline due to a decrease in the population of livestock and a recognition of the impact of the impact on the global environment. Both have a big impact. I don’t think the work of raising livestock will be popular in this era.

Youtube has exploded in popularity. The number of times that professionals, such as cooks, who can’t usually see us, is increasing, and it attracts attention, but youtube, which is used by domestic animals, is not popular. On the contrary, I think that the majority of people who are glad that they did not have to do this kind of work.

Since everyone does not want to do anything in the first place, the livestock industry will decline. I think the time will come decades ahead when cheap meat is hard to come by, as it is only sold on the market as a high-grade food.


For more information on livestock and global environment, please refer to this article!


I am vegan.