Ranking of the most vegan countries! Where are the most popular countries in the world? [2020] Part 1

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In recent years, the world’s vegan and vegetarian population has grown exponentially.

The world’s vegan population growth rate over the past 10 years is said to be 300%

It is increasing in Europe such as Italy and Germany, the US, the UK,Taiwan and Japan.

Which country has the most vegan population?

Vegan population of the world


№1 America

The US has 6% vegan population and is currently 20 million.

In 2009, vegan had a population of 1%, but about 10 years later, it was 6 times.

A quarter of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 claim to be vegetarian or vegan. (US economist magazine)

35% of people in the US have low meat diet.

A lot of people in the US recognize “the food in their own country is unhealthy”.

And the world’s leading cause of death, heart disease, is the leading cause of death in the US.

Although there are many people with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, the medical insurance system is high and the medical system is not in place. There is a problem that not all people can receive medical care satisfactorily.

Because of this background, Americans need to protect their own health, which seems to lead to the vegan epidemic.

2019 was marked Vegan’s Year. (US economist magazine)

This year, Beyond meat funded by Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio and Impossible Foods, It was a great success, and it was a year of increasing Veganism.

Beyond Meat is super focused, which makes it easy to buy vegan sausages, vegan chicken and vegan burgers at the supermarket. It is famous as “the vegan meat sold at the world’s first supermarket meat section”. And with Beyond Meat products now on sale at Starbucks in China and Taiwan, it’s likely to spread vegan even further.

Impossible Foods has successfully developed a full-fledged meat flavor and has partnered with various vegetarian and vegan restaurants. This makes it possible to eat authentic vegan burgers at restaurants.

New York has over 140 stores for vegan and vegan.

In 2018, New York won the top spot as “the most vegan city in the United States”.

In New York you can eat anything, even vegan. We have a wide selection of vegan sushi, vegan pizza, vegan ice cream, vegan tacos and vegan pancakes.

№2 the UK


The UK has 7% of the population vegan and remains 4.7 million. (2018)

In 2006, the number of vegans was 150,000, but after 12 years, it has increased 31 times.

In the UK, 12% of vegetarians are vegan.

The UK is the birthplace of vegan, and a lifestyle called vegan was born in the 1940s.

In the UK, where there is a large vegetarian population, many people move from vegetarian to vegan.

In addition, there is a high awareness of environmental issues, and it is widely recognized that livestock cause greenhouse gases.

A major supermarket (ASDA), which has 400 stores in the UK, has decided to abolish all meat and fish sales areas. (2020)

The University of London Goldsmiths banned beef based food. Beef is the cause of greenhouse gases, so it was decided in consideration of the environment. This is because of the massive Amazon fire that took place to raise livestock. (2019)

№3 Japan


In Japan, 2.7% of the population is vegan and remains 3.4 million. (2016)

Japan is a long-lived country, has a Japanese food culture that uses fish, and has the image of eating a healthy diet, and vegan has not easily penetrated.

In addition, there are few foreigners in the island country, and Japanese have the impression that it is a conservative country that emphasizes traditional culture and ideas rather than adopting new ideas.

However, there is a “vegetarian boom”, and health awareness is increasing.

“The Japanese now consume less vegetables than Americans”, according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It turned out.

The following is for reference.

Cheap lunches that are popular in Japan are beef bowls, ramen, rice balls(onigiri), udon, curry, etc., which are high in carbohydrates and low in vegetables.

In Japan, more and more people are revising their daily diets and incorporating vegetarian diets.

Also, it seems that the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants has increased in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In the past two years, it has opened two popular vegan shops called “T’s Tantan” at Narita Airport.

The most vegan restaurant in Japan is Okinawa. Vegan restaurants are increasing not only in Tokyo but also in Kyoto and Hokkaido.

Target is foreign tourists.

The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Kobe University, Waseda University, Hitotsubashi University, and Nagoya University have vegan menus.

Since these universities accept many international students, the vegan menu was introduced in consideration of international students.

In Japan, the vegan market is expanding for foreigners and their tourists.

№4 Germany


Germany 1.6% of the population is vegan and remains 1.32 million. (2018)

35% of people in Germany have low meat diet.

One in ten people is vegetarian or vegan, with 15% in Berlin.

Germany has a large number of Turkish and Islamic immigrants, especially Berlin, where the number is increasing and a diverse mix of races is a city.

Behind that, Berlin is a city that respects individuals in particular.

It seems that very few people limit others. I’m sure there is no strong tuning pressure in Japan.

It is said that “the most vegan city in Europe is where Berlin is best lived”, and it is always at the top of “the most vegan city in the world”.

All restaurants in Berlin have at least one vegetarian/vegan meal.

The vegan supermarket, which was newly established in Berlin in 2011, is very popular and seems to have more stores inside and outside Germany.

In Germany, which is a carnivorous culture, vegan sausages and vegan salami are becoming more popular instead.

Germany is an advanced organic country, and vegetarians and vegans are in widespread use. I think Germany is a country where health conscious people want to visit.

№5 Taiwan


Taiwan is vegan with 5% of the population, with 1.15 million. (2014)

In Taiwan, vegetarian vegans are 13%.

Taiwan has a vegetarian meal called 素食Sushi” due to religious thought.

It means “vegetarian diet” in Chinese, not simple food.

The basic diet is the same as the vegan eating style, with no consumption of animal foods such as eggs, dairy products, meat and fish.

In addition, they do not use “五辛wuxin”, such as green onions, sardines, garlic, lacquer and onions. That is a Oriental vegan.

五辛wuxin is five pungent roots.

From a religious point of view, animal foods and wuxin are considered to be excitatory, disturbing, and foods to avoid.

The word “meal food” is often seen in stalls and restaurants, and there are a certain number of people who eat it.

There is such thing as a “vegan” that there is negative image of Non-cooperation in Japan, but there is no such image in taiwan.

Rather because it is a religiously promoted meal in Taiwan, “I can not to be strictly vegan. You’re amazing!”

In addition, many people are vegan because their health awareness is increasing.


The vegetarian and vegan population is steadily increasing in the world.

After all, America has a great influence.

In the celebrity industry, the population of vegans is increasing, and people who are not vegan seem to have no interest in environmental issues or animal welfare.

Thus, in some countries, vegans have changed their status.

In Japan, there were an unexpectedly large number of 3.4 million. The population of Japan is 125 million, which is larger than that of European countries.

It is becoming common knowledge in the world that “food preference is individual freedom”.


I hope Japan will have an environment where it is possible to freely choose food, the number of foreign tourists will increase, and it will be a country where foreigners migrating to Japan can live easily!

I introduce the countries below the 6th place in detail in the article.


The following are reference values.

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