What Is a Vegan?〜Part 1



Nice to meet you, My name is vegan_miku.

Do you already know about “vegan”?

First of all, I would like to explain vegan by dividing it into “part 1” and “part 2”.

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Vegan is

A way of life that respects the lives and rights of all animals and reduces the burden on the earth as much as possible.🌎

The preciousness of animal life


Do you know how animals are treated in the livestock, dairy and fashion industries?

I would like to introduce some of the actual situations.

  • Rabbits have their limbs bound and their hair pulled out. The rabbit is stripped naked and pulled out again when hair grows. The whole life of the rabbit is repeated.
  • Edible chickens are many times thicker than usual. As a result, chickens can no longer support their weight. Therefore, chickens have a broken leg, and once they fall, they cannot stand up again. Also, they have their beaks clipped off without anesthesia so they do not hurt each other under stress.
  • At the Eggs field, male chicks are alive and shredded a few hours after their birth.
  • Due to stress, pigs bite the tails of other pigs. This is a behavior that cannot be seen in pigs raised in their natural environment. This is called “tailing”. The tail is cut without anesthesia as it causes infections and poor meat quality resulting in lost profits. This pain lasts for 5 or 6 hours.
  • Male calf born to dairy farm are killed that day.
  • Most livestock live in manure and spend their entire lives there.

Imagination is without anesthesia.

And they are subject to violent treatment that has no right.


However, dogs and cats value their lives as pets. If they are subjected to violence, the law protects their rights.

What happens if a non-pet animal is outside the range of human interest?

The examples are given below, and I would like to think with you.

If a duck parent and children are crossing the road, the person driving the car will stop and wait until the duck parent and child have finished crossing.

Some people even take a video and say it’s cute, and then post it on SNS.

At this time, many people look at the duck parents and children with a warm feeling.

But here, if I cut a duck’s throat with a knife, I’ll be arrested as a psychotic.

However, many of the adorable duck-seekers will eat chicken, ducks, and other meat dishes for dinner that day.

And if you don’t eat an animal for dinner that day, you’re said to be crazy.

There is a contradiction here.

What is this contradiction?

Pets are cute so can’t you kill them? Can you kill other animals because they aren’t cute and we eat them?

So why not kill an animal on the road even though it’s something to eat? Is it for ethics?

Why can we treat animals violently on the farm and kill them?

Does that mean there is a difference in life?

Rights for all of animals


There is no difference in the life of animals.

This problem is called “speciesism”. The idea is that all lives are respected equally and should not be killed for human convenience.

Now, In the world, It’s wondering if speciesism is ethically wrong. It is a new concept.

I think this kind of discrimination will be added to gender and racial discrimination in the near future. Women’s rights, African-American rights, LGBTQ’s rights, all concepts were initially minorities, and they were thought to have no rights.

The rights that they have now are the ones they have screamed, caused human rights movements and riots, and fought in battle.

But animals can’t speak out. We have no choice but to deliver that voice.

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Ethical vegan


In this way, vegan who think that animals may have rights or should not be exploited from animals are called ethical vegans.They are vegan who respect the life of animals from an ethical perspective.

Therefore, they don’t wear clothes such as cashmere or wool, or leather goods.

What is cruelty-free?


Also, they use not only animal foods but also daily commodities that have not been tested on animals. Such products are called “cruelty-free”.
Cosmetics often contain animal products. So they buy cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics.

However, what we need to be careful about is Cruelty Free=which is not tested on animals, so it is not a vegan response. Be careful as some Cruelty Free products may contain animal products.

The Cruelty Free notation is almost absent in Japan, but in Europe it is often found in cosmetics and other toothpaste and other daily necessities.

As for cosmetics, animal experiments have been banned within the EU for more than 10 years. In the US, a law prohibiting animal testing passed in California in 2018, and each state is starting to move.

Why Vegan Doesn’t Go To Entertainment Centers With Animals


Vegan has the idea that does not exploit from all animals . So vegan doesn’t go to recreational facilities like aquariums, zoos or circus.

And Vegan has the idea that we don’t want to deprive them of their right to freedom.

In the US, there are zoos that capture injured wildlife, raise them for a while, and then restore them to nature when they feel better. All the animals there are in that zoo for that reason. The sales there are used for animal protection and medicine.

Many vegan people with children use it instead of the zoo.

What is animal food?


Animal foods are mainly “meat, fish, dairy products, honey and gelatin”. When collecting honey, if there is even one sick bee in the beehive, the whole nest will be burnt to prevent the illness. Gelatin is made from pigs.


Beef bone filters are used in the manufacturing process of white sugar. In some wines and beers, fish float bags are used as filters. That’s why vegan wine and vegan beer are sold.


I think this ethical vegan is hard to understand.

This is not a logical question that can be answered using research data, but an ethical question. So it depends on how people think and think.

And most people see animals as food. Even in this common sense, even if you talk about this, you find it hard to accept.


I just wanted everyone to know, “There is also such a way of thinking.”

For vegan and reducing the load on the earth, see “part 2”, if you are interested!

What Is a Vegan?〜Part 2
Vegan is a way of life that respects the lives and rights of all animals and avoids exploitation from animals as much as possible. Therefore, vegans don't even wear leather or fur. I will introduce you to Environmental Vegan and Dietary Vegan. Vegans are started by people for their health and environment (problems). People who are vegan are divided into three reasons.