Dairy Products And Cancer Risk


Generally, dairy products are nutritious and have a healthy image. On the other hand, due to its high nutritional value, dairy products are said to be fat. And dairy products are also at risk for cancer.

98% of Japanese have lactose intolerance, and dairy products easily cause diarrhea, which can cause allergies.

My grandfather was eating an egg every day for the his health.

But studies have shown that dairy products are at risk of carcinogenesis.

It is often thought that there are many inherited cancers, but the ratio is only 5-10%. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent cancer by eating habits.


I would like to talk about dairy products and cancer this time.

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Dairy Products And Cancer Risk


Colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer are cancers that are increasing in Japan.

Japanese women have the highest prevalence of breast cancer among cancers. It was 1 in 50 50 years ago, but is now 1 in 11.

In Japanese men, prostate cancer is increasing, affecting 1 in 10 people.

This breast cancer and prostate cancer have in common that they are hormonal organs.

Dairy Products Have A Higher Risk Of Hormonal Cancer


Dairy products develop hormone-related cancers. It is breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer.

In men, the risk of prostate cancer is increased by 34%. Women who have breast cancer have a 49% greater chance of dying from cancer by taking a dairy product once daily. In addition, the mortality rate from other diseases will increase by 64%.

(Research data:「JNCI (Journal of the National Cancer Institute) High-and Low-Fat Dairy Intake, Recurrence,and Mortality After Breast Cancer Diagnosis )

This shows that the risk of cancer from dairy products is very high.

If I can change my diet and lower the risk of cancer, I would be happy to do it.


My family has stopped buying dairy products!

Recently, the number of vegan products made in Japan has gradually increased.

I think the reason is that the number of children with allergies is increasing.

Vegan Dairy Products


For mayonnaise, vegan ones such as “soy milk mayonnaise” and “rice mayonnaise” are sold in Japan. There are various companies out there, and now there are about 10 types.

Since the word “vegan” is not known in Japan, such a notation is not printed on the product. Therefore, there are many people who say, “It was vegan when I checked the ingredients.”

Mayonnaise is “Dairy-Free, Egg-Free”, or “Plant-Based” is vegan.


All the photos above are vegan!

The price is 200-250g is 200-500 yen($2-4).

The price varies depending on the product.

Back Side Of Pink Ribbon


Susan G. Comen is an American breast cancer site.

The organization’s famous movement, Pink Ribbon, aims to detect breast cancer early and support breast cancer patients.

In, why is the yogurt lid marked with a symbol that symbolizes of Pink Ribbon?

This is a food that people with breast cancer should avoid.

Pink ribbon’s mark on the yogurt lid

This is because the yogurt company invests a lot of money in this group. Therefore, the site does not publish facts about the cancer risk of dairy products.

If you don’t consume dairy products, you can prevent it.

This is the same as the American Lung Association received funding from the tobacco industry.

Pink Ribbon Coverage


The following is a phone conversation with Susan G. Comen.

"Dairy products are dangerous,
Why don't you put a warning on the site?
Research data was announced at the National Cancer Society. "

"I can't answer that question."
That was the reply.

So when one person went to the office, he could not get the answer to the question and he was refused to shoot. (You can see the actual footage on Netflix “What the health”.)

Pink Ribbon does not recommend proper disease prevention, as Pink Ribbon receives funding from the disease-causing industry.

Pink Ribbon recommends mammography for early detection.

I think it is more important to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer in the first place.

Laws That Endanger The People


The American government makes and enforces laws that do not benefit the people. The government receives large amounts of money from the livestock industry and dairy farming.

Therefore, make laws easy for them to generate profits.

It is a law that criminalizes the use of whistleblowing and atrocities in the industry.

The law is introduced below as an example.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act


The law protects the livestock industry from public criticism.

For example, if a person working in the livestock industry shoots a video of animal cruelty and makes it public, it will be punished under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

In other words, if you approach the company for the purpose of animal welfare, you may be sued under the Animal Company Terrorism Act as a terrorism crime.

And there is even more a ridiculous law.

Cheeseburger Law


It’s a Cheeseburger Law.

The law is based on a model template called a “Commonsense Consumption Act”

The Cheeseburger Law says that if a plaintiff consumer becomes obese or becomes ill due to obesity, the food manufacturer, distributor or retailer cannot be sued.

The Cheeseburger Law is a response to what the tobacco industry has experienced. That is, a tobacco company was accused of health damages and paid compensation of 43 billion yen ($400 million).

The government hoped that the meat, dairy and fast food industries wouldn’t do the same, so the Cheeseburger Lawcame into being.

That’s a very silly law. But this is America.

The livestock industry does not take any responsibility for environmental pollution or health damage according to the law made by the government. The Department of Agriculture also tried to hide cow rabies when it was discovered.

I became scared because the darkness of America was too deep.

The government moves with money.

Activists that counter and threaten them are threatened to kill and may even be assassinated.

The US is more like a dark money country than a free country.



We need to question whether the animal food industry is certain.

Of course, plant-based foods also have disadvantages and problems such as consumption of water resources and methods of collecting animals with emphasis. However, I have not heard of any serious health damage caused by plant-based foods. Perhaps the research data is out, but it may be hidden by the company.

On the other hand, the animal food industry is linked to the government and the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, its power is not comparable to plant-based foods industry.

It’s time to rethink what you should believe in to protect your health.

The daily diet that makes up the body is very important.

I have come to want to avoid the risk of breast cancer by eating a knowledgeable diet.

So what diet can reduce the risk of breast cancer?


I will write more about that next time!


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