Changes in my body and weight loss that caused by vegan for 1 year


When I’m vegan,I get a lot of questions,but I would like to write about the most common question,“changes in physical condition and weight.”

I spent a year as a vegan. I’ve had a lot of changes in my physical condition, so I would like to introduce it to everyone. I hope this helps you become more interested in Vegan.

Vegan loses weight

I became vegan and Iost a few kilograms in about a month. It dropped after that,and it dropped about 5 kg in half a year.

Vegan can still lose weight.

I was eating “rice, grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts”.

If you are wondering what kind of food I was eating, please see the following article.


However,it is fun to cook my own vegan dish,and my weight is returning because it is delicious. (There seems to be vegan …)

Besides,I’m a person who doesn’t exercise at all in winter. Therefore,I have been losing and gaining weight in summer and winter for a long time.


I enjoy making new vegan recipes.

Since many vegan people are from overseas,many recipes are from overseas. That’s why I became more familiar with cooking using foreign ingredients and vegan ingredients. Also,it is fun to try various things on your own by learning about the alternatives for eggs and cheese.

Now that I am able to cook vegan alternatives with Japanese ingredients,I have become even more fun with cooking.

However, I’ve been careful recently because vegan food is so delicious that I overeat it.

Feels better and energetic

A lot of energy is consumed to digest meat.

I eat “rice, grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts” on a daily basis, so my energy consumption is lower than when eating meat.

As a result,my body was less likely to get tired.

This seems to be vegan.

My friends seem to have become more spiritually less frustrated and stressed. (Friends may be special)

On the weekends,I slept until around AM9,but now that I’m less tired,I don’t need much time to recover.

I wake up around AM6 or 7 now. My sleep time was shortened,so I was able to enjoy activities from the morning.

No swelling in the morning

I tended to swell quickly because of my constitution, and when I drank alcohol, ate late, or ate to full stomach, I was swelling the next morning.

When I went to work in the morning,

my friend
my friend

You must have been drinking yesterday!

Even if it is said,


I had no plans, I just had a delicious dinner at home.

This was often the case.

After it became vegan, it never swelled!

Livestock are swallowed and inflated for the benefit of humans.

Since I became vegan, I stopped eating meat, and my main focus was on vegetables and fruits, so I think I have more opportunities to take potassium rather than sodium.

I had icing in my eyes when my swelling was severe in the morning. So, I became vegan and no swelling, and it really made the morning easier.

LDL cholesterol reduced by halh

My family

My family consists of 5 people, all of whom have LDL cholesterol around 150-230mg/dl.

Including four years when the family is not sharing the same meal. Therefore, I thought it was hereditary high cholesterol.

I from ES to US


  • Since I was an elementary school student,I didnt like fried foods,meat,and fast foods because I had a rough idea that they didnt look good for my health. Because of my brothers,my mothers dishes were mostly meat dishes such as fried chicken and hamburger steak. There were often fish dishes such as grilled fish,boiled fish,sashimi. My mother said, “For dinner,I was conscious of alternating meat and fish days.
  • When I was a university student,my living environment changed,so I became less aware of my health,increased the intake of animal foods,and had an LDL cholesterol level of  240mg/dl,the highest ever. 
  • When I became a member of society,I continued to eat one pack of salad for lunch every day for one year,and it dropped to140mg/dl. However,after that,it did not decrease even after several years,and I was giving upIs the cause of high LDL cholesterol by heredity?


However,when I switched to a vegan diet,it was 70mg/dl,half of 140mg/dl in half a year.

It is less than 100mg/dl for the first time. The cause of high LDL cholesterol was not hereditary.

There is research data that “LDL cholesterol is not a problem”,and the range of normal values has increased in the medical world.

But,of course,it’s clear that it’s better to stay low in the normal range than higher.

This is because LDL cholesterol sticks to blood vessels and forms plaque,which causes arteriosclerosis. Atherosclerosis leads to high blood pressure,cerebral infarction,and myocardial infarction.

As I wrote in another article, LDL cholesterol also feeds cancer cells.

Nothing constipation

I think it was only about junior high school students who was shocked to learn that pooping appeared every day. I hadn’t been stool passed every day since then, so I was wondering if so many people were doing the same.

Even after I knew it was wrong,I was still about once every three days, so I thought it was my defecation pace.

And when I had a feeling of fullness in my abdomen, I was taking laxatives, so I always had laxatives in my house.

However,since I became vegan,I have come out about three times a day,and I am not taking any laxatives at this time. It may be 5 to 7 times for good evacuation.

Great discovery of stool in Africa

Discovery of Dr.Bracket

When Dr. Bracket of England was dispatched to Africa,he was surprised by the large stools and the number of stools on the roadside and thought that it was animal dung.

But he knew that it was due to the inhabitants there and began research.

As a result, he found that the amount of dietary fiber was related to stool.

The amount of stools depends on the amount of dietary fiber.

Every 30g of dietary fiber adds 60g of stool.

Dietary fiber is almost absent in animal foods,but abundant in vegetables.

It has also been found that dietary fiber is also associated with disease and cancer.

Since the advent of the milling machine in 1850,white rice and flour have been produced.

Even before that,We had eaten animal foods such as cheese and meat,but since 1850,diseases such as lifestyle-related diseases,colon cancer,and diabetes have increased rapidly.

The milling machine throws away rice bran,which contains the amount of dietary fiber in white rice,and bran,which contains dietary fiber in wheat flour.Therefore,there is no dietary fiber in white rice and flour.

Consequently,the cause of the rapidly increasing illness was the abandoned dietary fiber.

Proportion of stool and dietary fiber

Over the course of a long evolution,humans have started to consume large amounts of dietary fiber,more than 100g per day.

However,modern people only consume about 10g on average. The recommended amount of dietary fiber for Japanese is about 20g.

Since plants do not run and escape like animals,dietary fiber made up most of the human diet.

In addition to regular defecation,dietary fiber binds toxins such as lead and mercury,and excretes it with the stool.

In other words,our body is constantly taking dietary fiber so that it can carry excess bad cholesterol,estrogen,and other waste products to the intestine and discharge them.

However,if plant foods,which are natural sources of dietary fiber,do not enter the intestine constantly,unwanted waste products will be absorbed,which will interfere with the body’s detoxification.

Knowing this,I think that the LDL cholesterol,which did not easily decrease,decreased due to the increase in the amount of dietary fiber. Of course,it’s also because I stopped eating animal foods in the first place,but I think that I was able to eliminate LDL cholesterol by increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits and the amount of dietary fiber.

Vegan diet increase vegetables and fruits intake ➡ Dietary fiber volume UP ➡ Stool volume UP ➡ Excretion of waste products / Lower cholesterol ➡ Weight loss

For your health

As such,I have many good changes in being vegan and I can’t stop vegan. Best of all,I enjoy vegan’s lifestyle.

Some people are vegan and become vegetarian,but I can’t think of switching to vegetarian.

Best of all, I enjoy the diet.

Vegans that are kind to the environment,animals,and others and become healthy are,in my opinion,it’s lile “Killing four birds with one stone”

If you have any questions about the changes I’ve been vegan,please leave a comment.

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reference:Michael Greger(マイケル・グレガー)著「How not to die(食事のせいで死なないために)」

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