Increasing number of polar bears cannibalizing due to global warming

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It’s easy to forget about the distant world, and we often jump to the convenience and deliciousness in front of us.

This time I would like to write about a polar bear living in the Arctic, which is completely different from the world we live in.

Polar bears can’t get food because global warming has eliminated ice blocks.

Polar bears are starting to cannibalize.

Especially baby polar bears are at risk of being eaten by male polar bears.

Polar bears begins eating each other because of global warming


Polar bears are said to decline to two-thirds in 2050 and become extinct within 100 years if global warming continues.

Earth has risen 1.1 degrees in the last 200 years due to warming. It doesn’t look like a big number, but think of it as a person’s body temperature. If 36°5 becomes 37°5, you have a fever and you cannot say that you are in good health.

1.1 degrees is a big change for the earth.

In 2019, when the world was hit by a record heat wave,

In June, July, and September, we observed the highest or almost the highest heat in the history of observation.

Since We started collecting statistics for all other months in 1880,

The heat was in the top five.

According to US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) statistics,

In June, the temperature of the world’s land and sea surface exceeded the average of the 20th century by 0.95 degrees,

It surpassed the record of 2016 and became the highest ever.


CNN 2019 Greenland with melted ice

And the Arctic Circle rises twice as fast as Earth’s temperature. When the ice mass begins to melt due to global warming and the seawater shows its face, it absorbs the heat and the ice melts in no time. If that happens, It fall into a negative loop. The temperature of the seawater is warmed up, the ice melts, and then the seawater appears and the ice melts.

The Arctic has recorded a past average of over 20°C.

A polar bear catches a seal, aiming for it to emerge from a crack in the sea ice. The high fat content of seals makes them an important source of energy for polar bears. However, because the ice has melted, the seal does not come on the ice. Therefore, polar bears are no longer able to hunt seals.


Therefore, polar bear males may track polar bear female and the child and eat the child.

Then the polar bear female, tries to help the child. However, since females can be eaten by males with large polar bears, polar bear female often avoid conflict and leave immediately. In some cases, a hungry polar bear tracks down to the burrows of a pregnant polar bear and eats the polar bear. Without strong food, polar bears begin cannibalism.

Environmental groups and researchers are prohibited by law from feeding or intervening while observing polar bears.

So, they can only see polar bears death from starvation and death by drowning. All the researchers who saw a bear starving and dying were crying. It’s really tragic.Polar bear parents and children were closely observed for one year, but eventually starved to death because they could not find food.

In the Arctic Circle of the Novaya Zemlya Islands in Russia, Polar bears are looking for food in the inhabited towns. As a result, polar bears have been shot and exterminated, and there is concern that the number of polar bears at risk of extinction will further decrease.


Long-distance migration of polar bears by swimming

Polar bears sometimes swim.That’s when the ice blocks are free of food and have to search for other ice blocks. Food seals are an important source of energy for polar bears.

However, as the ice melted, the seal was no longer on the ice.

BBC article

US researcher George Durner, who studies the ecology of polar bears in the Beaufort Sea in northern Alaska, used GPS to make observations. It gave him amazing information.

That is, one female polar bear swam 6287 km of distance for 232 hours (a little less than 10 days) in a water temperature of 2-6 ° C.Before 1995, ice blocks existed even in summer. But now, in the summer, it has melted, making the overall distance polar bears have to swim very long.

The female polar bears observed this time have traveled an additional 1800 kilometers. As a result, she lost more than a fifth of her body fat. The baby, thought to have been one year old, could not tolerate this long-distance move.

The red circle is a polar bear

As above, a polar bear swims and thinks it has reached an ice block, but it may not be a large block. No matter how much a polar bear swims, due to global warming, only ice blocks have melted.

I don’t know if this polar bear has reached a large block of ice.

Global warming forces polar bears to swim long distances.

For polar bears, death is the only thing ahead.



There are things you can do to save them rather than take them.

The largest source of greenhouse gases that are responsible for destroying the Earth’s ozone layer is methane from livestock. It’s bigger than the exhaust gas of a car.

We don’t eat meat once a week, and by reducing meat consumption, our burden on the planet is reduced.

However, you may think, “I act that way, but I am the only one doing it, so it makes no sense.” But what if everyone who thinks so takes action?

It will be a great effect.


If you can do anything for the earth, please give it a try.