November 1st is World Vegan Day! A day to learn vegan together!

世界ヴィーガンデー 11月1日advanced vegan

Every November 1st is World Vegan Day .

World Vegan Day was started in 1994 by the Vegan Society (Headquarters England) to commemorate the 50th anniversary, and is a day aimed at enlightening vegan.

Vegan has come to be recognized in Japan as “Pure vegetarian(完全菜食主義)” , but recently it’s not just the word “Plant based food “. The word “vegan”has come to be found in foods and menus.

Vegan does not consume meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, gelatin, cochineal pigments, white sugar, etc. in our diet.

Also, not only for health, but also for animal protection, vegan does not buy fur products, leather or down.

The explosively growing vegan population of the world


The vegan population has exploded in the world over the last few years.

The vegan population growth rate over the last 10 years is said to be 300%.

The top three vegans in the world are America / UK / Japan .

I’m surprised that Japan is in third place, but for Japanese people who had a vegetarian diet until a few hundred years ago, the vegan diet may be a good fit.

The following articles introduce countries with a large vegan population in the world.

Ranking of the most vegan countries! Where are the most popular countries in the world? [2020] Part 1
In recent years, the world's vegan and vegetarian population has grown exponentially. It is increasing in Europe such as UK and Germany, the US, Taiwan and Japan. I made a ranking of which countries in the world have the most vegan.

Accelerating veganism


Veganism is the principle that humans should live without exploiting animals.(from Wikipedia)

Also, veganism is to avoid incorporating any form of atrocities or exploitation of animals for food, clothing or other purposes as much as possible. It’s a way of life. (from the definition of the British Vegan Society)

In the athlete world, vegan food is becoming one of the choices.

Tennessee Titans of the Professional Football League (NFL) and Kyrie Irving of the NBA have adopted vegan diet.

The number of vegan restaurants has increased, and vegan food is now being offered to universities.

A university in the UK banned beef from the school cafeteria following a large-scale Amazon fire in December 2019. This has spread the need to act on the livestock industry and environmental issues.

Also, as the vegan population grows in the UK, a bill has been passed to protect them from discrimination in the workplace.

They are in an era where rights are protected just like African American and LGBTQ. (Discrimination against African America and LGBTQ is not gone)

I think this is the first step for vegan to acquire their rights.


Soy meat war breaks out in the food industry in Japan


In March 2020, Japan revised its dietary education promotion basic plan, clearly stating that it will shift from meat to plant origin in order to improve environmental problems.

After that, the soybean meat war was fought in the food industry.

Soybean meat products were sold not only at supermarkets but also at convenience stores, Doutor, and MUJI.

Soybeans are the most familiar ingredient for Japanese people and are easy to accept.

Overseas, fake meat derived from plants, which is closer to the texture of meat, is spreading due to chemical development technology.

In 2019, “Beyond Meat”and “Impossible Burger” were very successful.

Toward improvement of serious social problems


In recent years, more and more people are living as vegans to improve serious social problems such as environmental problems, hunger problems, global warming and deforestation.

These will affect the next generation. Therefore, many young people who will be vegan will be the future leaders.

A quarter of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 claim to be vegetarian and vegan. (US Economist)

We are taking action with a sense of crisis about the livestock industry and dairy that will affect our future and even our children.

The following articles introduce the livestock industry and environmental issues.


Not eating meat is a countermeasure for environmental problems including global warming
Due to the need for land for livestock and their feed, the felling of tropical rainforests and dense forests around the world is increasing. Deforestation has progressed, many wildlife have lost their homes, and the number of endangered species is increasing each year. The carbon dioxide stored in the trees is released. Meat has many environmental problems such as global warming.


I introduced this time, hoping that many people would know about vegan and share that information on World Vegan Day.

I think this world vegan day will become even more widespread due to the exciting veganism.

I hope you can think about social issues together on this day and eat delicious vegan food.


Please enjoy vegan food with your loved ones today.

I have introduced the recommended vegan life in the following articles.

4 Recommended Vegan Life [Introduction]
4 recommended vegan lifestyles [Introduction]. We recommend soy meat, soy milk(plant-based milk), and cruerty free without animal experiments.
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