Not eating meat is a countermeasure for environmental problems including global warming

日本の夕食、和食environment issues

Before livestock becomes meat, various environmental problems occur and global warming is promoted.

When looking at animal foods, vegans have a strong emotion that comes before “delicious”.

When I see mass-produced meat lined up in supermarkets, I am shocked that livestock is still deteriorating the global environment.


After reading this, you’ll see why environmental vegans don’t eat such delicious animal food!

※This article introduces environmental vegan.

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Understanding the environmental problems that meat poses

It takes not only labor and money to make meat, but it also creates many environmental problems.


First, because of the need for land for livestock and their feed, the logging of rainforests and dense forests around the world is increasing. With the progress of deforestation, many wildlife have lost their homes, and the number of endangered species is increasing year by year.

And the loss of forest means that carbon dioxide is not absorbed and the carbon dioxide stored in the trees is released.

One-third of the world’s water resources are used for livestock and their feed, and water conflicts are occurring in water-scarce regions and developing countries.

And one third of the fishery feeds livestock. Livestock is prioritized despite the overfishing of fisheries and food shortages in developing countries.

The fishing industry uses a method that collects abandoned fish nets and unnecessary organisms all at once.

The ghost net is a sacrifice caused by entangled fish nets drifting in the sea, entwining fish, dolphins, seals, turtles, and other sea creatures.

Environmental and health problems that occur around the livestock industry

Soybeans used as feed are genetically modified and use large amounts of pesticides. This leads to soil pollution.

Livestock manure flows into the river and causes water pollution.

River pollutants flow into the ocean as they are, creating many dead zones. In terms of number, there are more than 500 places.

Netflix:「What the health」 Mass death of burnt river fish with swine manure

Not only the earth but also the people living near it are adversely affected.

Most people living near the factory are causing secondary disasters such as asthma and cancer.

Many livestock factories are often built near colored people and low-income communities. A place where blacks and Hispanics live.

This is a human rights issue.

A resident suffers from empyema and bacterial sarcoidosis and also has a pacemaker. They don’t smoke or drink.

Netflix:「What the health(健康とは何か)」

Pigs that have died due to illness or somehow are abandoned in a box like the one in the photo above and rot with heat.

However, a truck came to bring it to a processing plant, processed it into food and gave it to pigs.

The inhabitants near the livestock factory are not eating pigs because they are looking at the factory.

Global warming Cause of eating meat


Carbon dioxide is emitted from the transportation of cars and planes. But livestock methane is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases. The transport industry accounts for 13% of greenhouse gases and livestock accounts for 18%.

In other words, livestock emits more greenhouse gases than the transport industry.But the difference is 5%.

The global warming potential must be considered here.

When the warming power of carbon dioxide is 1, methane gas is 25 times and nitrous oxide is 300 times. This methane gas and nitrous oxide are emitted by livestock.


The figure above shows tanao (my younger brother)’s data from “IPCC” and “AR5 WG3 policymakers’ summary: Figure SPM.1 https: //”

We calculated the amount of carbon dioxide, methane gas, and nitrous oxide in the livestock industry and the actual warming effect of each of the livestock industries.

We can see that the biggest cause of global warming is the livestock industry.

How does the environment improve if you actually change your diet?

quotation:vegan dansi dante(ヴィーガン男子 ダンテ)

The figure above shows the case where only vegetable-based foods were consumed for 1 day without animal-based foods.

Animal eats plants and we eat them. You don’t need animals to eat plants, it will have less impact on the environment. Save water resources, land and grain.

The large amount of food that feeds animals spreads to more people by not producing large numbers of animals.

With a growing population, food shortages are a major issue.

The environmental load can be reduced simply by changing one serving to vegetable food.

Which company do you want to pay for when eating out?


quotation:vegan dansi dante(ヴィーガン男子 ダンテ)

Companies produce high-demand products and their impact on the environment changes depending on which products and ingredients we buy.

If you eat three times a day, it will have a big impact, so daily consumption becomes very important.

In order to live a truly enriched and happy life, the idea of ​​”if only I’m good” is not necessary.

I think it is important to have compassion for others, a heart to protect the global environment, and a heart to respect all lives on this planet.

I didn’t understand this idea at first, but as I lived as a vegan, I started to think naturally. Over the last 25 years, I have had little chance to learn about these thoughts and the effects of food and the environment.

But after I knew it, I thought I shouldn’t exploit it, so I took action.


How did you feel? And how do you want to live?


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