Vegan ~ Easy Pumpkin Pasta

パンプキンパスタvegan cooking

Tofu and pumpkin fill your stomach considerably. It is a recipe that is satisfying to eat.

A recipe for growing children and people who love pumpkins.

Recommended for such people
  • Those who have children who are growing up
  • People who love pumpkins
  • I want to raise the immune system!
  • I want to build muscle!
  • I want to eat until I’m full!

Ingredients(For two people)

Brown rice pasta for two (or konjac pasta)

300g Pumpkin

3 pieces of garlic

* 300g Tofu

* 150ml Soy milk

*1 tablespoon soy sauce

*1 teaspoon of miso

*1/2 tsp turmeric

*1/2 teaspoon of black pepper

*1 tbsp mixed herbs

◎ 1 celery

◎ 1 teaspoon of miso

◎ 2 tablespoons of vinegar


① Cut the pumpkin into bite-sized pieces, and cut the garlic in half.

② Warm garlic and pumpkin in a microwave until soft.

③ Leave some pumpkin for toppings and sprinkle all the remaining pumpkin, garlic and * on the mixer.

④ Put vinegar and miso in a pan, add the chopped celery and fry.

⑤ Boil pasta

⑥ Pour boiled pasta on a plate and mix with ③ pumpkin sauce.

⑦ Put the fried celery and the remaining pumpkin on the pasta, and add toppings if you like.


The scent of herbs will stimulate your appetite. The taste is light.

If you want to make it thicker, double the amount of miso and soy sauce in the sauce and adjust.


Nutritional yeast, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sage, fresh basil, rosemary-pickled olive oil, sun-dried tomatoe


As toppings, sprinkled with rosemary-pickled olive oil and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and sun-dried tomatoes.

Antioxidant power of celery

The celery is fried with vinegar, but if you are not good at vinegar, you can use water.

Celery has a higher antioxidant power when heated or boiled than when it is raw, so I try to heat it as much as possible.

I used celery, so I used it this time, but you can use your favorite vegetables instead of celery.


Vinegar has a fat burning and fatigue recovery effect due to amino acids and citric acid.

I like vinegar and often use it because it helps prevent high blood pressure and diabetes, and has high health benefits.

Rich sauce of higher rank

If you want to make it richer

・Nuts 40g

・2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast

・2 tablespoons mayonnaise of vegetable origin

Put this together in the above mixer.

Arrangement for soup sauce

The above recipe looks like a dip with a rather loose sauce.

If you like a juicy sauce, use 300ml soymilk.

Effect of vitamin A

β carotene

Pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene, a component of vitamin A.

β carotene has anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, and immune effects, and also plays a role in photoreceptor cells and fetal development.

Vitamin A is found in green and yellow vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot, and spinach.

Because it is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is effectively absorbed by oil and heat.

Therefore, I added olive oil pickled in rosemary as a topping. You can put a small amount of oil in the mixer.

Furthermore, lipids contained in nuts and seeds increase β-carotene absorption as well as oils, so they may be used instead of oils.

This time, I gave priority to the intake of pumpkin vitamin C, so I did not heat it with fire.

β-carotene increases the β-carotene concentration in blood 6 times by heating. Therefore, if you want to take β-carotene, please heat it up and take it with lipids such as oil and nuts.

Increased iron absorption rate

Vegetable iron is said to be “non-heme iron” and has a 25% lower absorption rate than “heme iron” in animal foods.

Non-heme iron has a higher absorption rate when taken with Vitamin C, citric acid and zinc, so cooking with this in mind will prevent anemia. ..

This recipe uses soy milk containing non-heme iron + pumpkin vitamin C + vinegar citric acid to make non-heme iron more effective It is a recipe that can be absorbed.

Turmeric effect

Turmeric has anti-cancer action, anti-oxidant action, anti-inflammatory action and Alzheimer’s prevention, so It is recommended to take 1/4 tsp daily. It also promotes recovery of liver function.

These effects are due to the component of curcumin in turmeric, which is the reason why the color of turmeric is yellow.

This curcumin, when taken with 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper, has a blood curcumin concentration of 200%, so turmeric and black pepper Is more effective when taken together.

This black pepper can be as small as 1/20 teaspoon. This will significantly increase blood curcumin levels.


Try adding turmeric and black pepper to your everyday dishes.

Whenever I use turmeric, I always sprinkle with black pepper.

Reference: “How not to die” by Michael Greger