The Netflix documentary film made me vegan

帽子をかぶった女が道にいるrecommended (book/film)

This time, for my introduction, I will write about what made me vegan. I have been vegan for a year now.

In my case, one day I suddenly became a vegan. Until then, I didn’t even know the word “vegan.”

For the vegetarian dietary style,

“I don’t eat meat, it’s a very biased diet! I want to have a balanced diet.”

I even thought.

That idea changed in just two hours.

The Netflix documentary film made me vegan


I saw Netflix “What the health” in March 2019.

The reason why I watched this movie is that I’ve always liked movies about American social issues and health topics such as the movies “Super Size Me” and “Food Ink” since I was a kid.

And I was originally a part of being a healthy nerd. So when I found “What the health” on Netflix, I downloaded it immediately.

I started watching the downloaded Netflix running on a gym running machine. It was about “I want to know a little as knowledge”. However, the content was so shocking that I couldn’t keep running on the running machine and stopped.

As I watched the movie, I had my mouth open, my hands covered, and in my heart I said “OMG” many times. It was so shocking that I cut off meat, dairy and eggs from that day.

After returning home from the gym, I told my parents the shocking content. And I made a declaration to my parents, “I don’t eat meat, dairy and eggs.”

Actually, I didn’t know the word “vegan” at this point.

There is no word vegan in the film, because it was a movie to promote health, not a movie to promote vegan.


Is this kind of diet a vegetarian? But I don’t eat dairy products, so it’s different… Did it have any other name?

While I was eating the food recommended by the film, I searched for vegan, and first learned about “vegan.”


Am I like a vegan?

By the way, from that day on, my parents have replaced their favorite milk with soy milk. Parents also stopped buying other dairy products.

And my parents’ intake of meat and eggs has decreased, but their intake of fish hasn’t changed.


I would like to introduce the shocking content of “What the health” here. I’ve put together the top five.

Top 5 shocking content
  1. When meat is taken up by the body, an inflammatory reaction occurs within minutes, hardening the arteries. Animal proteins cause cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  2. All meat has carcinogens and toxins. However, the American Cancer Society recommends eating chicken. The American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association list recipes using processed meats, beef and dairy products as healthy recipes. This is due to the large amount of money it receives from dairy and meat companies, and it does not publish inconvenient research data.
  3. Hormones are mixed in dairy products, resulting in hormonal cancers such as uterine cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.
  4. All milk is mixed with cow’s pus and its standard range is set. And milk does not make bones.
  5. Fish contains PCB, mercury, antibiotics, chemicals, cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, and the carcinogen estrogen.

If you’re interested, check out the shocking content of “What the health”, which is also introduced by tanao (younger brother) in this article.

地球環境、環境問題や地球温暖化に興味があった私にとってヴィーガンはいいライフスタイルだと思いました。また、ヴィーガンの食事は健康も守れます。Netflixのドキュメンタリー映画『What the health 』の内容を紹介しています。

Changes in diet after watching Netflix “What the health”


Quit the meat

I live with my parents and younger brother, so there are days when dinner is meat.

But I was a healthy nerd originally, and since I was in elementary school, I didn’t like eating meat and fast food because I had the unpleasant image of being unhealthy. So not eating meat was fine for me.

Here, I think you have the question “What are you doing with your family?“.

On the day of meat cooking, take only the vegetables before adding meat. Or I was cooking what I wanted to eat. (For dinner, I also eat chia seeds with my favorite fruits and protein.)

Quit the dairy products

In dairy products, I like red wine, so I used to love cheese with it.

However, after learning about Netflix, I was shocked and thought that I would never want to eat it.

The thing that was difficult here was Western confectionery. It contains a lot of dairy products. I used to love sweets before, so there were days when I was about to lose my heart. However, if I forgive it, I thought that I would continue to say “I can eat sweets” in the future. There will be no limit.

And, remembering what I saw on Netflix, I remembered the strong feeling of not wanting to eat at that time, and spent days not eating Western sweets.

Quit the fish

I loved fish, so at first I had a day to eat a small amount of fish and bonito stock.

But one day, I learned that fish contains plastics and very small microplastics.

I also learned that the fishery itself had a negative effect on the sea, so I gradually stopped eating fish.

I understand understand that eating fish promotes the fishing industry, pollutes the sea and ingests dirty fish into our bodies.

By the summer of 2019, I became more sensitive to the smell of fish and began to feel that it had a strong smell.


To summarize my diet, I haven’t eaten meat, dairy or eggs since March 2019. But I was eating a small amount of fish. Half a year later, in the summer of 2019, I stopped eating fish and became vegan.



Netflix’s “What the health” was my motivation and the movie changed my life. It was unexpected for me to become vegan.

It didn’t happen at all, but one day I decided to make a decision. It’s not because I wanted to do it, but to protect my health , because that was the only option.

I didn’t want to eat meat anymore… I like dairy products and fish, but don’t eat them.

It is not the medicine or surgery that protects our health, but our diet.

You may think it’s a normal thing, but I think few people actually practice it.


This film is recommended for those who are conscious of health. Even if you are not aware of your health, you will want your family and loved ones to stay healthy. It is a film recommended for such people. Please watch the film with your loved ones.