Must-see if you are wondering if you will be vegan!

tanao<br>(younger brother)
(younger brother)

I am not vegan.

I think that those who have read the articles so far are interested in vegan at least. However, it is difficult to actually incorporate vegan into our personal life and continue.

If you are interested, but if you think “I can’t become vegan” then please check it out.

Recommended for such people!

・ My family and friends are vegan and I am interested but I am wondering!

・I can’t be vegan and I don’t think it makes sense!

How to contribute to the global environment?

Again, I (younger brother) am not vegan.

When l was a kis

 I watched the program called 「夢の扉(Door of Dreams)」and read the “An Inconvenient Truth” written by former Vice President Al Gore.

And I was very interested in environmental issues and went on to the science path.

I have majored in chemistry and found out. It means that manufacturing companies such as chemical manufacturers have taken environmental measures with the first priority being the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Countermeasures include initiatives in the renewable energy business and conversion to plant-based materials.

The following introduces the environmental measures of a company as an example.

Toray’s environmental measures

Toray( Japanese company) has developed CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic).

Toray has partnered with UNIQLO to create revolutionary high-performance products such as HEATTECH and AIRism. The company is a large company in the chemical industry.

CFRP has been certified by Boeing (America’s largest in the world) It accounts for over 50% of the weight of the Boeing 787.

Since carbon fiber itself is a very lightweight material, it promotes low fuel consumption.

In this way, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions called greenhouse gases has been promoted in Japan as an environmental measure.

From my childhood, I was taught that reducing carbon dioxide emissions was the best way to curb global warming, and I believed in that.

But when I saw a film, I was convinced it was wrong.

The film is Netflix ” What the helth”.

Netflix:What the health

“What the health” is a sequel to “Cospiracy :The Secret of Sustainability” produced by Earth-loving Leonardo DiCaprio as a producer.

The previous film focuses on global environmental issues. This film focuses on health. Five or six American doctors are telling the truth.

These films are documentary films that show the most prominent implications of health, animals and the environment.

The main performer is Michael Greger (former doctor, nutritionist) who is the author of “How Not To Die”.

He was seeing patients every day, but the number did not decrease at all, but rather increased. So he thought preventive medicine was the most important thing and learned about nutrition. He currently has a proven track record in preventive medicine with plant-based foods.

“What the health” was shocked by the fact that I didn’t know it.

The best three that were shocking to me are as follows.

3rd best in shock ranking

1st: The fact that the cause of global warming was the food industry rather than the manufacturing industry such as chemical manufacturers (fear caused by cow burp and manure)

2nd place: Cattle are raised under severe conditions before dairy products are made. Excess hormone is given to the cow, which is contained in the milk. And the truth proved by specialized departments that it is harmful to human health

3rd place: Consumers pay to buy foods and drugs due to conspiracy between medical industry and food industry

If you’re wondering if you’ll be vegan, I highly recommend watching this movie.

If you’re interested in the truth about dairy products and environmental issues, you’ll know what’s happening in the world and something will change your mind.

I think it’s up to each person to witness the truth and then eat a cheeseburger or fruits.

By the way, I ate ramen that night.

I can’t honestly say that I’m vegan, but I understand why fried chicken, hamburgers, and other such delicious foods can be avoided because they are animal products.

If people think that vegan will improve their health, some people will continue for about a month.


Up until now, I had been eating only Yakiniku(Grilled meat), but as my horizons have expanded, I am pleased to see more options for plant-based foods.

 I think that there are many people who have a new idea by learning the close relationship between dairy products and health and environmental damage in this film.Japan, which boasts one of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers, has a smaller impact on the global environment than food. It reminded us of what actions we will take in the future to solve environmental problems.

Japan boasts one of the best chemical manufacturers in the world. However, it has less negative impact on the global environment than food.

I felt that it is important to take measures against the environmental problems that food brings. I was made to think about what action to take in order to solve environmental problems.

I don’t drink any milk now.

I used soy milk instead of milk, and when I saw this film, I feel that my vegan% increased by about 5%.

I’m not vegan yet. This is the real intention.


To be honest, no matter what film I watch, I can’t be a complete vegan.

But if I’m a little bit more into my lifestyle as a hobby, I’ll take vegan!

Nowadays, I’ve become interested in vegan because of the occasional vegan private life (meat free Monday, etc.). And I became very interested in casual food.

Now, sometimes the vegan diet has made me very interested in casual food. It became fun to visit the vegan restaurant, which has expanded due to the influence of the Tokyo Olympics.

Please take a look at “What the health”.

I am vegan.