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Vegan~Almond butter granola

Vegan almond butter scented granola recipe. It's a healthy but rich recipe. Please have it for breakfast.
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Vegan-easy with leftovers Gado Gado cuisine (Indonesian cuisine)

Gado gado means "mixed" in Indonesian. The seasoning is sweet and spicy, and garlic is effective. It is characterized by eating it with peanut butter sauce. At that time, it's very easy because you can make it from the vegetables you have at home, and you can clean up the remaining food in the refrigerator.
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Vegan~Banana pancake(Gluten Free&Sugar Free&Dairy Free)

A vegan pancake recipe that is flour-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. Since it is sugar-free, it is sweetened only by the natural sweetness of bananas.
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Vegan ~ Super Easy Healthy Granola

Vegan super easy healthy granola recipe. Granola tends to be fat, but if you reduce the amount of sugar, you can make it healthy. It's fun because you can arrange various things.
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Vegan~Crispy Coconut Chips

Vegan crispy coconut chips recipe. The recipe is as close as possible to Costco's "coconut clusters". Enjoy for breakfast or snack time.I also wrote about GI value and comparison of GI value of sweeteners.
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Vegan ~ Easy Pumpkin Pasta

Tofu and pumpkin make me very satiated and the recipe is very satisfying. A recipe for growing children and people who love pumpkins. Vegan, so healthy.