The cause of breast cancer is diet! You can rest assured if you eat this 【food that lowers risk】


Because I am also a woman, I have a particular sense of crisis regarding the recent increase in breast cancer in Japan. Sometimes it is missed during breast cancer screening.

The cause of the increase in breast cancer in the Japanese people is said to be due to the westernized diet. That is, meat, eggs, dairy products, etc.

However, I think there is a risk that you may have breast cancer due to inheritance. American actress Angelina Jolie conducted a genetic test for breast cancer, and then had a mastectomy surgery, which became a hot topic.

However, I would like to inform you here of the probability of inherited breast cancer.

The probability is 2.5%.

Therefore, even if you do a genetic test and there is no pathogenic gene, you cannot rest assured.

You can only get a sense of security from your own meals.

Foods effective against breast cancer


First, top 1 and top 2!

① Complete Proliferation Prevention, Death

Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Green onions, Garlic, Leek

Knowing these things, I started to buy garlic and leek from the Allium. I buy cruciferous cauliflower and Brussels sprouts when they are in season and cheap.

Knowing that cucumber has 90% water. Sweet potato has a lower GI value (post-meal blood glucose elevation) than potatoes, and contains polyphenols and antioxidants.” I used to buy cucumbers less often and chose sweet potatoes over potatoes.

However, I learned that cucumbers and potatoes are effective in reducing breast cancer cells, and now I buy them often.

Flux seed was originally taken daily for Omega-3. However, since I found that it also works on breast cancer cells, I would like to continue with this.

②Proliferation Half

Citrus (better in peel), Orange peel, Cucumber, Halapeno, potato, beets, Warjoram

Lignan, a component of flaxseed, reduces tumors.

Why estrogen isn’t good for breast cancer cells


Breast cancer cells use estrogen synthase to produce estrogen and proliferate.

Therefore, Foods that suppress estrogen synthase are important.

Foods that suppress estrogen synthase

Grape with seed, Red wine, Strawberry, Pomegranate, White mushroom, Kale, Broccoli

And A lot of vegetables, water-soluble dietary fiber 6g/day (ex. 1 cup of black beans).

However, Pre-menopausal women are best treated with 25g/day of water-soluble dietary fiber.

I bought frozen berries and had them with oatmeal for a breakfast.

Broccoli is rich in protein and calcium, making it the king of vegetables from the vegan perspective. Therefore, I often bought broccoli for a long time.

In addition, broccoli has great health effects such as prostate cancer progression suppression, lymphoma prevention, increased defense against pathogens and pollutants, and functional protection of brain and eyesight..

And I learned that broccoli works to suppress breast cancer cells, so it became more my favorite vegetable.

I usually eat vegetables and fruits, whole grains of oatmeal, and ancient rice, so I think that I take more fiber than recommended. By the way, it’s so easy every day that there are 3 stools in one day.

LDL cholesterol feeds cancer


Cancer food is LDL cholesterol. In other words, meat and dairy products. This produces estrogen, which causes cancer to grow.

By the way, a pharmaceutical company that paid attention to this developed a drug. The principle was that the drug binds to LDL and is carried by LDL, and the cancer cells that find the food (LDL) absorb the food and the drug.

What about soybean estrogen?


“If estrogen causes cancer to grow, is soybean estrogen okay?”

We have the question.

Soybean phytoestrogen is easy to bind to α receptor, and estrogen in the body is easy to bind to β estrogen receptor.

However, if you consume a lot of soybean, it will bind to both receptors, and the estrogen in your body will not be able to bind to the receptors, resulting in a decrease in estrogen production.

Therefore, Ingestion of soybeans rather reduces the risk of breast cancer.

One cup of soy milk will reducerecurrence rate by 25%.

1 cup of soybean has tumor suppressive effect of breast cancer gene.

Every morning I take soy milk with oatmeal and frozen berries.

I used to love milk in the past, but when I became vegan, it became soy milk instead of milk. Soy milk, together with the health benefits of oatmeal and berries, has become an essential item for my breakfast with them.

Foods that reduce breast cancer risk


Green tea reduces risk by 30%.

One apple/day (with peel) Risk is reduced by 25%, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, pharynx It also reduces the risk of cancer.

In an experiment in which high school girl were ingested peanuts at least once a week, the result was that the risk of chest lumps was quite low.

《Put the breast cancer cells in a petri dish,
If you drop the blood of a vegan person,
Cancer cells were suppressed.
So, a breast cancer patient had a vegan diet.
Then, two weeks later, the breast cancer was cured.》
(Dr.Michael Greger)



I found out that there are many cancers caused by diet, so I quit various insurances, including cancer insurance.

Of course, not only diet, but also microplastics, radioactivity, harmful chemical substances, etc., which have never existed in the past, have increased, so the risk of cancer is not zero.

But I thought that I could prevent it as much as I could, so I decided.

If you get cancer, just save at that time. If I had the ability to pay a little less than 10 million yen to an insurance company in my lifetime, I thought that I should bring that amount myself.

I’ve been wondering about the system and its significance to insurance on a daily basis, so when I became vegan, I was able to quit insurance!

Reference:Michael Greger(マイケル・グレガー)著「How not to die(食事のせいで死なないために)」