Advantages of having one vegan in the family


Hi, I’m tanao. I’m not vegan.

This time, I would like to write about the advantages of family influence in a parents’ house with vegan (sister: vegan_miku). It has been about a year since my sister became vegan.

I was spending time with my sister at home, and the dishes on the table gradually changed. Looking at the refrigerator, I feel that dairy products and meat are gradually disappearing. lol


One year ago: I’ve been playing a lot of sports, so it’s sad because dairy products and meat are missing from the refrigerator!

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Is vegan annoying?


I will tell you from the conclusion. Vegan’s existence is not annoying at all. If you have a vegan friend or family member around you, don’t look at them coldly.

However, when my sister was beginning to become vegan at first, honestly, “What is vegan? What religion? I thought.


I don’t eat sausages or eggs anymore! Animal foods are bad for the health! Don’t you know? !

On Family LINE(A chat app like WhatsApp in Japan), my sister found and pasted an article about how animal foods affect human health and the global environment, and their unacceptable facts. That kind of thing continued for a while.

My sister has a lot of links, and I was interested in those articles and started looking for myself.

When I first learned about vegan, I was traveling abroad to Europe. Vegans are very popular in Europe, including their British origins. At first, I was only looking at a diet that did not consume animal foods, but I was surprised to see the German drug store “dm” casually.

There were vegan daily necessities! !

Because I don’t see it in Japan at all, I am wondering if vegan is an overseas trend or the times are changing.

Because I’m always following the trend, I was very interested in the trend. Then, I began to look to people from overseas who had various ideas, and my horizons expanded.

I personally think that it is the same as knowing vegan = foreign trend. Therefore, for those who are interested in overseas travel and living abroad, having a family familiar with vegan is very helpful.

I will say it again! No annoyances now!

Advantages of having one vegan in the family


This is the advantage that I felt when I spent with my sister who has been vegan for a year.

  1. I started to understand the nutritional aspects and cooking methods of everyday casual meals!
  2. I didn’t eat much greasy and rich flavors, so I wasn’t getting fat easily!
  3. A little change in your daily eating habits will make your meals more enjoyable!

1.Nutrition and cooking method

Most university students live alone, and the chances of cooking by themselves will gradually increase. At that time, you may not have breakfast or your meals may be the same.

Most of the time, college students only have dinner with rice, natto, eggs, sausages.

Of course, vegan does not consume animal food. If you don’t eat eggs like vegan, which have been recognized as protein-rich and nutritious since childhood, then “what should I eat?” . University students living alone are really in trouble when eggs are gone from their diet.

From there, I looked for alternatives to the nutrients found in eggs. I also found out why eating tomato and cucumber at the same time is not good. I am much more knowledgeable about cooking and eating combinations than before.

In the future, I want to know the nutritional aspects of my diet and be able to manage it, so my knowledge has increased.

2.Greasy meal

Anyway, I like “meat” and everyone went to Yakiniku(Grilled meat) when there was a celebration. Up to high school, it didn’t matter if I was thin or fat.

When I was a college student, I started living alone and gradually gained weight. Maybe I was eating only greasy foods. Many of my friends and the people around me thought I was obviously fat compared to when I was a freshman or graduate.

Most of the causes are too much meat. When I knew about vegan, I felt that when I had a diet low in animal foods, my weight wasn’t much different than it used to be.

3.The real pleasure of meals

I realized that I had almost forgotten the joy of eating at university when I was living alone.

I ate it properly, thinking that “it’s the same if it enters the stomach”. However, I think there is a conversation when we go home and eat with our family.

At that time, a little food was delicious, but when I was wondering how to make it, my mother told me the next day.

Since my sister started offering vegan food, we had more opportunities to talk about cooking. With my sister, I tried satisfying vegan dishes such as meat dishes and egg dishes.

I enjoyed everyday meals, as more and more people cooked and had conversations with my family rather than one person cooking.



I wondered how this would affect us if we had a vegan nearby.

I happened to be interested in living and eating abroad, so I could easily understand the lifestyle of vegan_miku, But What about you?

The way of thinking varies from person to person. But sometimes I see people who think vegans are crazy or are aggressive with them. So please you don’t want to give them a cold look. First of all, I would like you to experience the vegan lifestyle and see vegan nearby.


I’m glad that a vegan person is in my family! When I looked it up, I was surprised that there were many vegans in my favorite NBA team and Hollywood actresses!

I think that there are various people in the world, especially after learning about Vegan.