Reasons for becoming ethical vegan

紅茶のカップを持った女と机の上に花瓶と花animal protection

I was originally a dietary vegan.

Dietary vegans are vegans who are concerned about the health effects of an animal diet.

From there I will talk about how I became an ethical vegan.

※This article contains some shocking photos.

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Understanding ethical vegan


During my diet as a dietary vegan, I became interested in vegan.

What I saw on Instagram and YouTube had changed to those of vegan and animal welfare activists.

I found out that some vegans are not only interested in health reasons, but also interested in animal welfare and environmental issues.

The original meaning of vegan is that it does not exploit from all animals, which means ethical vegan (ethical vegan) of animal welfare.

The reason I became ethical vegan was because I started to doubt how to treat animals

The reason why I became an ethical vegan is that I became aware of the actual condition of livestock and the process of down and wool, and became interested in animals from an ethical perspective.

*The picture below is a little shocking.

Instagram @rob_banks

Livestock live in cages that can only walk a few steps.

Among livestock, chickens are covered with their manure. If the livestock are children, they may be short, filled with manure and choked.

Cutting of the beak of chickens, horns of cows, tails of piglets, etc. is done without anesthesia.

Of course, they are nervous and painful. Some animals lose consciousness due to severe pain.

The chickens are many times larger, and once they fall, their bodies are heavy and they can’t stand up, and many chickens are still lying down. Then they just wait for death.

I thought, “This livestock situation occurs in the United States and probably not in Japan.” Japan was the same.

Quote: Film「Food Ink」

※The picture below is a little shocking.

Instagram @animalrightscenter A chicken that has been fattened for food and has not been able to stand up Japan

Gestation crate still used in Japan

Instagram @animalrightscenter Japanese pig farm Gestation crate

The picture of the pig farm above is a “pregnancy stall” and I keep the pregnant pigs in this cage because it makes it easier to manage the pregnancy. They cannot change direction.

Use is often prohibited overseas, but in Japan, the usage rate is over 90% due to the delay in livestock systems.

Rather, Japan has receded and usage has increased since 2007. This suggests a low ethical awareness of animals.

Thoughts on animal experiments


In addition, the reality of animal experiments made me want to cover my eyes. They have no rights and they are not treated as living things.

After all, animals are not the same as humans, so animal testing cannot be guaranteed.

Current technology allows testing without using the animal as a test bench.

No more animal testing needed. Overseas, we are already changing to new scientific methods.

The number of products that have not been tested on animals (Cruel Tea Free: Not Cruel) is increasing.

EU and Brazil have already banned animal testing. It is also prohibited in some US states.

In today’s world, animals are just merchandise for the benefit and convenience of humans. I became skeptical and fed up.

Did humans forget ethics?

When you ask your conscience, someone says it’s wrong.

I finally understood the ethical idea of ​​vegan, which is the original meaning of vegan.

When I started as a dietary vegan

“What does not eat animals to protect animals? Cows and pigs are food. And vegans are vegan. I can’t believe it. It’s so different from the world, vegan. Are you an alien?” I didn’t.

I just thought, that there are people who think that way.

I will be ethical vegan


But living in a dietary vegan and thinking about how the world will change, “livestock, dairy, fashion, cosmetics I sacrifice animals I don’t want to pay for it.”

I perceived the casual act of buying goods and food as voting to the company.

So I’m actively buying vegan now.

I started asking questions to zoos, aquariums and circuses that treat animals as entertainment.

Vegan does not go to these recreation facilities. This is due to the idea of ​​animal exploitation.

In the United States, some zoos protect injured wildlife and try to bring it back to the wild when they recover. The sales there are used to protect medicines and animals. Many users seem to be vegan and focused on animal welfare.


I hope there are more such facilities in Japan!

In this way, I was a healthy dietary vegan at first, but half a year later, an ethical vegan that respects the rights of all animals, and the global warming of animal food It became an environmental vegan that was worried about becoming a reality.

I asked a foreign vegan friend, “What is called a vegan who acts because of these three reasons?”

It doesn’t seem to be “perfect vegan” or “complete vegan,” but just “vegan.”



The reason I expanded my awareness from eating to animals was because other vegans were transmitting information. With that information, I learned a lot of data, and clearly understood what happened in the world, what was the problem, and how I should act.

I am living as a “vegan” because I learned about the conditions of the livestock industry, dairy farming and fashion industry and then found another way to avoid it.

No animal abuse is necessary.

You can live without eating meat and without fur or down. I no longer feel the need for it.

In Japan, such information is still scarce and has not been covered by the media. I’ve heard the word vegan a bit, but it’s just an introduction that says, “No meat.”

The Japanese media will not tell you how vegan behavior affects the environment, animals, people in poor countries, and the entire planet.

You need to be in an environment where you can get information.


On SNS, vegans, environmental activists, and animal welfare groups disseminate information.

So if you are interested, please change the environment so that you can get the information.