The biggest cause of global warming is cow burps, farts, and manure

草原にいる牛environment issues

Do you already know what is the biggest cause of greenhouse gases?

It is methane gas and nitrous oxide.

Where do they come from?

The cause of global warming is cows, not cars


Carbon dioxide is emitted by transportation of cars and airplanes.

On the other hand, cattle burps and farts emit a large amount of methane gas during livestock farming. In addition, methane gas and nitrous oxide are emitted from livestock manure.

In global warming potential(GWP), methane gas is about 25 times that of carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide is about 300 times.

Therefore, it seems that the development of feeds that reduce cow burps and farts is being done recently.

In the chart below, tanao (my younger brother) calculated the amount of carbon dioxide, methane gas, and nitrous oxide in the livestock industry and the actual warming effect of each of them.

From the data of ”IPCC” and ”AR5 WG3 policymakers: Fig.SPM.1”


The results show that the destructive power of nitrous oxide is amazing.

It is often said that the biggest cause of global warming is cow burp, but it can be seen from the above figure that it is different.

The amount of nitrous oxide emitted by livestock is 4.8%, but since the global warming potential  is 300 times, it can be seen that the actual effect of livestock on global warming is higher than that of methane gas.

So, I think nitrous oxide is the main cause, not methane gas. Nitrous oxide is produced in cow manure, and can be attributed to cow manure.

This is my personal opinion.

Difference in research results between IPCC and World Watch Institute


IIPCC: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the latest scientific, technical and socio-economic knowledge of the world’s leading scientists on the risks of artificial climate change. An intergovernmental organization that advises governments and provides countermeasures against climate crises.

According to the IPCC, 13% of greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide from transportation by car and air, and 18% are methane and nitrous oxide from livestock.

However, there is research data that I objected to.

According to the World Watch Institute, after reducing carbon dioxide and methane gas sinks (carbon dioxide absorption into the sea and plant photosynthesis), livestock greenhouses are considered. I am. Released 51% effective gas.

In any case, considering the global warming potential, we see that livestock is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases

But governments and environmental groups are all talking about fossil fuels.

A person tried to ask the Environment Group by email or phone why. He was tenacious for a few months, but no one answered. (From Netflix video “Caustice: The Secret of Sustainability”)

Which will increase in the future, livestock and transportation?


Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions will increase by 20% in 2040.

On the other hand, in livestock, it will increase by 80% in 2050.

Because livestock consumption tends to increase globally.

Netflix 「Cowspiracy:Sustainability Secrets」

In the future, even without the use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions will increase and exceed the limit value in 2030.

In other words, livestock production alone increases that much.

(Environmental researcher Dr. Richard Oppenlander)

Speed of effect by reducing methane gas


MeReducing the emission of methane gas will have several decades of consequences. However, in the case of carbon dioxide, even if we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission, it will take 100 years before the change occurs. (Kirk R. Smith, Professor, International Environmental Health, University of California)

I’m surprised at the difference in the effect of methane gas and carbon dioxide after such reduction.

Eliminating the consumption of meat would be more effective than reducing carbon dioxide.

Even if we only cut the meat consumption in half, it is worth trying.

I think that it will be a bit more common for the governments of each country to adopt this as a common recognition.

This is already happening in the UK

Is the meat lost in a British supermarket?


In the United Kingdom, the No. 1 major supermarket (Tesco: Aeon if replaced in Japan) has stopped selling because of a sharp decrease in meat consumption.

Also, the second largest supermarket (ASDA: Seven & i if replaced in Japan) has also stopped selling meat and fish.

ASDA has 400 stores in the UK, but sales have been suspended at all stores.

This is because the customer needs are gone.



It was quite shocking that our dietary choices have promoted global warming so much.

Money is involved behind governments, companies and organizations. So if we reduce our intake of animal foods and don’t pay the company, they will start producing other products.

That is, supply and demand.

If such consumers gradually increase, it will have a big impact. We, as consumers change, so do the world.

Reference Netflix “Cowspiracy: The Secret of Sustainability”