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Veganuary in January 2021 was attended by 580,000 people, the largest number ever!

I write about the number of participants in the 2021 Veganuary and the effects of the coronavirus.
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Vegan ~ Easy apple tart with plenty of apple cream

A recipe for a vegan apple tart made with Fuji apples. Since it is plant-based, there are no saturated fatty acids. Enjoy a simple and crispy apple tart.

Advantages of having one vegan in the family

There are many benefits to having a vegan person in the family alone. I became more familiar with nutrition and cooking, and began to devise. I lost my greasy diet and lost weight. Then, I started to feel the real pleasure of eating, and I enjoyed eating.

Celebrity Living As a Vegan 【Japan】

Have you heard of the words vegan or vegetarian recently? It seems that you are living a strange life, but there are entertainers who are actually living this lifestyle! I would like to introduce. Please try to incorporate vegetarianism by referring to their lives.

Must-see if you are wondering if you will be vegan!

tanao(younger brother) I am not vegan. I think that those who have read the...