My answer to questions that are often asked to vegan

ピンクの髪の女、野菜のランチvegan values

Vega has a variety of questions. The first person I was asked a question was my older brother.

At that time, I was still in the beginning of vegan, and my thoughts weren’t organized or there was no clear answer. So I couldn’t get my way through to him. It was very frustrating.

I thought it necessary to sort out my feelings and thoughts by thinking “how I live as a vegan, what do I think about this choice” on a daily basis.

When someone asked me a question, it was a great opportunity and I wanted to be able to explain it properly.

This time I’ll answer the questions that are often asked when I’m vegan, and I’ll write my thoughts.

In this article, I would like to discuss ethical issues.

※There are some radical photos in this article.

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Can you eat animals if you feel grateful to them?


In the first place, it is common sense to eat animals, and the choice not to eat animals is difficult for many people to understand.

Despite some people choose not to eat animals for the sake of environmental impact and health, the most difficult reason for becoming a vegan is to think about animal rights and animal welfare.It’s an ethical reason.(Especially in Japan)

If you say “Itadakimasu.” and thank you, do you eat animals?



This is a Buddhism word and means to get life from food.

Buddhism says that humans, cows, pigs, fishs,and other living things are said to have the same life, and that life is not discriminated against.

Before eating, I felt the sacrifice of life, the weight of life, and the feeling that we are sorry to eat for our lives, so the word “Itadakimasu” was created.

It is a custom that Japanese people say before eating 🙏

This Buddhist teaching is very important.In those days, food was not available everywhere, and we would have had to eat animals.

But nowadays, you can easily get vegetables, fruits and beans without sacrificing animals.

There is now no need to sacrifice the lives of animals.

The reason for eating meat today is “because it’s delicious” and “because it’s culture”

These are the only two reasons to eat animals.

How would you feel if you were an animal? For example, what if someone with power said, “Thank you so much, I will get your life.”

If you are told, “I am grateful, I will receive your child. Thank you very much.” Do you accept it?

No animal can be killed. No animal can kill his own child.

When the parents and children of the animals were separated, they were crying.

They are unique and emotional creatures.They also feel it.

People raised on farms or people who keep animals will understand this.

Can you eat grazing animals?


Would you like to eat grazing and cage-free animals?

When you hear “cage-free”, you have the image of spending time freely. But the reality is different.

The picture below is a picture of an “animal liberation now” conducted in England to investigate cage-free Eggs.

Instagram @mythical.mia

Really, I don’t want to eat that animal, even if it is grazed in a large area.

Because there was no place at all, many chickens were crushed and died.
Some chickens had eggs in their belly.

There was only an egg in the dead body.

Although it is called a cage-free, the reality is completely different.

However, in order to instill a good image of cage-free in the consumer, the egg package has a picture of a grazing chicken.

※There is a radical photo in the below.

 instagram@mythical.cia 鶏卵会社の平飼いのCM


Because we can get nutrition by other means without having to kill and eat animals with emotions and personalities.

Protein can be obtained from cereals, vegetables, fruits and beans.

Also, I can’t kill the animal. If I were there and someone handed me a knife, I couldn’t cut their throats, crack their meat and kill them.

Nowadays, you can buy meat at supermarkets. It is an animal killed by someone, but the sight is hard to see because it is not visible from the package.

But it’s an animal that someone killed.

And you can’t kill them gently.

Killing is cruel. Because animals want to live.

Is it okay to eat without leaving?


So can we say that we value the lives of animals because we eat without leaving anything?

I think it’s important not to be “nothing leftover” and “not to waste”.

Thinking about the load being exerted onto the environment, people in other countries and animals in order for us to eat will make us cherish our food.


I try not to eat it in vain, not to leave it behind. Also, I try not to order too much when eating out.

Ethical Vegan’s Rights Passed In Court


In UK in January 2020, Ethical Vegan was passed as a “philosophical belief.” With the idea of “respecting the lives of all animals,” Ethical Vegan was ruled to have the right to protect her rights at work. Companies have legally decided to respect the Veganism of their employees and not to abuse or discriminate. As a result, they will be treated as harassment as much as racial and sex discrimination. (BBC「Ethical veganism is philosophicalbelife,tribunal rules」03.January 2020)

In the world, the law has already started to move and is gradually changing. This is a big step.

Changes in our thinking can even change the law.

But In Japan,It will be decades before the rights of ethical vegan will be recognized.



I think that the Buddhist spirit that Japanese ancestors have sympathized with is vegan.The preciousness of life of a living animal does not change depending on the species.

Eating builds your body and mind. Gentle choices foster a healthy body and a caring mind.

Please think once again about your cherish life.

For the last 25 years when I wasn’t vegan, I never thought about edible animals. However, after becoming vegan, I began to remember animals when eating. (Vegan who is closer to animals and the earth is better than nurses who are closer to patients…)

And we can get nutrients from plant foods without killing and eating animals.

“animal food or plant based food”

I’m living in vegan now because I’ve chosen vegetable foods from among these options.


This time, I wrote my thoughts on the frequently asked questions. What did you think?

Please let me know if you are vegan or not, if you have any ideas from a different angle.

Of course, I would be grateful if some people shared the content!

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ヴィーガンは魚を食べません。魚の代用はソイミート、豆、チアシード 、野菜、キヌア、オートミールです。オメガ3のためにチアシード 、アマニ油も食べています。魚を食べない理由は魚独自の痛覚の受容器があり、魚も痛みを感じるからです。