Why I went Environmental Vegan

女、木environment issues

I’m vegan now, but at first I was a dietary vegan who didn’t eat animal food for health.

I would like to write about how that dietary vegan went environmental vegan, intermingling my past.

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In my childhood I’m an environmental geek

I have been interested in global warming since I was in elementary school. That’s because I met a book.

When I was Elementary school student

The book is The Inconvenient Truth” written by former American Vice President Al Gore. From the day I read it, I became captivated by the story of global warming.

I really like this book and I wrote about it and the crisis of global warming in my school composition.

After reading the book, I wondered if there would be any effective way to combat global warming.

And I thought, “If freshwater is depleted due to global warming and seawater is increasing, why not change seawater to freshwater?”

Just a few weeks later,

“We have developed a technology that transforms seawater into freshwater, but this is still a challenge for small scale commercialization.”

When I saw the news ,I thought that the road to environmental problems would be in the future.

Since then, I’ve also liked movies that appealed to the climate crisis, such as 2012 and Day After Tomorrow.

As a high school student, I was wondering whether I should go to the environment or the nurse’s way, and I chose science so that I could be either.

However, in the third year of high school, I decided to become a nurse considering the stability of my future job. (There is no nightingale spirit at all)

I’ve forgotten my roots until then. Originally, I was very interested in environmental issues.

Catch information about global warming


My interest in environmental issues has rekindled, and what I see on a daily basis has changed.

Instagram, vegan people and vegan people who are environmental activists provide information on food and global warming.

I went vegan and definitely changed my Instagram follower.

The number of vegans and environmental activists has increased.

The ones I watched on YouTube were mostly vegan YouTubers.

The eco-friendly shopping and life they introduced was something I didn’t know at all.

Recently, new eco-friendly products have been increasing because companies are also aware of environmental issues.

By doing so, I learned that environmental issues are related not only to food but also to daily necessities and cosmetics.

Went an environmental vegan


I became vegan, and my thoughts about environmental problems in my childhood exploded.

I was amazed at the changes in my environmental awareness.

Originally, I used to wash eco bags and the used Saran wrap and reuse them several times.

When I go out, I always bring my eco bag, my bottle and my coffee cup.

I will bring a cutlery on the day when I take out my meal and eat it outside.

I like tapioca, so I will bring my Silicone Straw with me when I drink.

Saran Wrap has purchased an eco-wrap that can be washed and used.

There are many others. For details, I would like to introduce it in another article.

I am “ethical (ethical) consumption” now.

This means workers-friendly shopping on earth and in poor areas.

Based on this, “organic”,”fair trade”,”sustainability”,”no child labor”,”no conflict minerals”,” We can contribute to society and the earth through a wide range of consumption behaviors such as “local production for local consumption”.

Thus, the dietary vegan was conscious of health at the beginning, but half a year later, the vegan was environmental (environmental), and the ethical (ethical) respect for all animal rights. It became vegan.

When I asked a foreign vegan friend, “What are vegans acting because of these three reasons?”,

It doesn’t seem to be “perfect vegan” or “complete vegan,” but it’s just “vegan.”



I expanded my awareness from eating consciousness to environmental issues because other vegans were transmitting information. With that information, I knew a lot of data, and clearly understood what happened in the world, what was the problem, and how I should act.

In Japan, such information is still limited and has not been covered by the media. The word vegan has come to be heard a bit, but it’s just an introduction of “not eating meat, veganism”.

I can’t tell you how vegan behavior affects the environment, animals, people in poor countries, and the entire planet.

You need to create an environment where you can catch information.


On SNS, vegans, environmental activists, and animal welfare groups send information, so if you are interested, please change the environment so that you can catch the information.