One hamburger consumes 2500 liters of water

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Currently, there are problems of drought, water shortage, and water conflict due to global warming and population increase. It is occurring not only in emerging and developing countries such as North Africa, northern China and India, but also in developed countries such as Sydney and California. It is a serious global problem.

Have you ever thought about water consumption as food is produced?

In Japan, water comes out as soon as you twist the faucet, so I think it’s difficult to realize a water shortage.

Actually, a lot of water is consumed by the time one hamburger is made.

How much water does the hamburger that you casually eat actually use?

What are the biggest causes of water consumption?


Livestock are the main cause of water consumption.

The US consumes 130 trillion liters of water per year when producing meat.

Livestock is the largest source of resource consumption leading to environmental damage. (UN Food and Agriculture Organization)

Despite the fact that the United Nations Agricultural Organization has announced that fact, environmental protection groups (350org Greenpeace Sierra Club, Climate Reality, Amazon Watch) said that natural gas and oil promote water consumption and pollution. Criticize development. Why is this?

Yes, water is used in the hydraulic fracturing method.

The annual consumption of the United States is about 400 billion liters.

However, water consumption by livestock is 325 times that amount.

Netflix 「Cowspiracy:Sustainability Secrets」

For some countries with problems of drought and water shortage, this water consumption is a problem.

How effective is saving water?

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In California, the average water consumption of residents is about 6000 liters daily. Half of it is related to livestock consumption.A huge amount of water is required during the production process. Most of the water used is grains that feed cattle. (From the Pacific Institute Water Problem Program in California)

2500 liters of water are used to make one hamburger.

This is the same consumption as taking a shower for 3 months.

10,000 liters of water is required to produce 500g of beef. The same amount of cheese is 3400 liters and eggs are 1800 liters.

In the United States, people call for water savings at home, but water use at home is 5% of the total water use in the United States. On the other hand, it is 55% in the livestock industry.

The US government’s water saving site says it should change the shower head or toilet and check the faucet and sprinkler.

But it does not mention the impact of livestock. According to the recommendations, 180 liters of water can be saved daily.

The amount of water used for one hamburger is not reached at all.

Idea of Water Resources Department


I saw a video of a direct meeting with a person from the California Department of Water Resources.

A: “The amount of water used in the livestock industry is significant, and there are survey data available. What do you think about that?”

Water Resources Departmen(WRD)t: “It’s not my specialty.”

A: “In order to produce 500g of beef, we need 10,000 liters of water. If our neighbor has a hose in the garden and we have 10,000 liters of water flooding the surrounding area, we will stop.”

WRD: “It is clear that the amount of water used in the livestock industry is certainly higher than in other industries.”

A: “So do we need to take action? Would you like to put it on your site and call it to reduce meat consumption?”

WRD: “It won’t happen. It’s impossible. There’s no such policy. Changing habits are beyond water management.”

A: “Isn’t it a kind of habit to take a shower or water?”

WRD: “Yes…”

Netflix “Cowspiracy: The Secret of Sustainability”

The government seemed unwilling to talk about this.

Companies and organizations have a close relationship with money. The information in the world is not all.

America’s free press right is number 48 in the world. (From Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on April 18, 2019 “World Press Freedom Ranking” Report)

Although the United States is a free country, there is a high possibility that the news media will be acquired by companies and governments, news that the people who receive the news will like, and that the information is not neutral and untrue.

Understanding the source of that report will help you to understand what the truth is.

You can see what’s really happening behind the world and the movement of funds.



I think Japan, which is a water giant, has a hard time feeling the danger of a water shortage. Overseas people are more aware of water conservation.

I take a bath every day in winter and sometimes go to public baths. When I learned about this article, I was worried that the amount of water used in Japan would be considerable. Even so, I still take a bath in winter.

At least I wanted to contribute more to the problem of water shortage by living in Vegan.

Actually, it’s not only animal foods that consume a lot of water. For example, avocado and almond use a lot of water.

Moreover, coffee uses water more than meat.

Until then, I used to drink coffee every day, but now I look forward to it only on weekends, and now I buy as much as possible from fair trade and products that support working women in developing countries.


If you find something you can , Please take action!

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