For those who are interested in minimalist! Recommended eco-friendly life [Beginner]

椅子ethical consumption

Environmental problems have become common problems to be solved worldwide.

If each country and people live freely without worrying about ethical consumption, the survival of the earth will be difficult.

Therefore, eco-friendly life is now familiar.

Eco-friendly life is recommended for those who are minimalist because they do not increase wasteful garbage and things.

This time, I will introduce how to get started easily as the of Eco Life.

Recommended for such people
  • I want to live an ecological life!
  • Interested in environmental issues!

Eco-friendly activities at the supermarket


Eco bag

In Japan, from this month, all plastic bags in Japan will be charged.

Therefore, I think this is a must.

I also put a eco bag in my bag when I go out.

A compact one that can be folded and put together is recommended.

Mesh vegetable bag

When vegetables and fruits are sold individually, there are plastic bags on them, so I think many people use them.

But you can substitute this with a mesh vegetable bag.

Many vegetable bags are made of cotton, but ordinary cotton contains a large amount of pesticides.

Cotton is prone to insects and requires a lot of pesticides.

Therefore, harmful pesticide health damage to people living in cotton growing areas is also a problem.

Also, the cotton vegetable bag puts vegetables and fruits directly in it, so we recommend the organic cotton vegetable bag, which is more reliable.

In the case of mesh, it is easy to understand what is inside. Therefore, at the time of checkout, you can save the trouble of taking out the product from the bag and checking the contents and the number of items.

That’s why accounting goes smoothly.

Although it is a mesh, since the mesh is not rough, the onion skin will not fall off the bag mesh.

This vegetable bag eliminates the need for plastic bags, so it is recommended for people who want to incorporate eco activities.

【mana.】ORGANIC LIVING 野菜バッグ メッシュ GOTS認定100%オーガニックコットン 脱プラスチック
【mana.】ORGANIC LIVING 野菜バッグ メッシュ GOTS認定100%オーガニックコットン 脱プラスチック

Eco-friendly activities on the go


Personal tumbler

When you order coffee, you can put it in the personal tumbler to reduce the amount of garbage.

At Starbucks, you can get 50 yen off if you bring the personal tumbler.

Even if the store doesn’t have a discount, you can ask them to put it in personal tumbler.

Personal tumbler is recommended because the foldable silicone type is compact.

マインドアート ストージョ 折りたたみ タンブラー BIGGIE 355ml カーボン 径90xH127mm
マインドアート ストージョ 折りたたみ タンブラー BIGGIE 355ml カーボン 径90xH127mm

Personal straw

I like drinking tapioca drinks, and I make and drink them at home in the summer.

In such cases, disposable straws are consumed, so you can substitute washable stainless, bamboo, silicon straws, etc. I will.

Recommended is silicon straw. As it is deformable, it is convenient to carry when going out.

I tried to take a tapioca drink with a spoon, but it was the best to drink with a straw.

Water bottle

By carrying a water bottle, you can avoid buying plastic bottled drinks.

I carry a stainless water bottle.

Since it is stainless steel, it does not retain heat, but it is light and easy to carry.

Also available are silicone type water bottles.

Since you can fold it after drinking, silicon bottles are recommended for those who like compact things.

折りたたみ シリコンボトル 飲んだ後は小さく折りたたみ可能 持ち運び便利なシリコン製ボトル 水筒 くるくる丸めてコンパクト
折りたたみ シリコンボトル 飲んだ後は小さく折りたたみ可能 持ち運び便利なシリコン製ボトル 水筒 くるくる丸めてコンパクト

Eco-friendly activities on the take away



On the take away days, bring cutlery.

That way, you don’t have to get disposable chopsticks or plastic spoons when you take out.

The spoke(spork) with a spoon and fork integrated is recommended.

Because the tip of the spoon is a fork, most dishes can be eaten with this.

Lixada チタン先割れスプーン 折りたたみ スポーク 軽量 調理器具 キャンプ用品 カトラリー 食器 旅行キャンプバック パッキング
Lixada チタン先割れスプーン 折りたたみ スポーク 軽量 調理器具 キャンプ用品 カトラリー 食器 旅行キャンプバック パッキング

Take it home with a tapper

When you eat out, you may have too much to order, or you may feel more full than expected, so you may have to leave your meal.

I think there are many leftovers, especially in families with children.

If you have a car, it’s useful to have about two tappers in your car.

It’s a plastic because it’s a tapper, but considering that it can be used for a long time and food loss can be reduced, it will be eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly activities at home


Second hand clothes

The present era is an era in which products are flooded with mass production.

In order to reduce consumption behavior, it is recommended to use the one already produced and used.

I try to buy second hand clothes using

secondhand clothing and Mercali.

Face care after bathing is oil only

Face care after bathing does not use lotion or cream, only oil.

It seems that you can moisturize with only oil without applying lotion or cream to your face.

Once I heard about it, it was only oil.

So I didn’t have to buy lotion or cream, so I had less items and the washbasin was cleaner.

I’m using Basic, Coconut Oil.

There are various other oils such as almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, so please give it a try. ..

iHerb is a great choice because you can buy a lot of oil at a reasonable price.

Referral code: AXC8050

If you enter the referral code at the time of purchase, those who are using iHerb for the first time can purchase with 10% OFF.

Now Foods, ソリューション、認定オーガニック、ホホバオイル、4液量オンス (118 ml)

Vegetable holding bag

I think many people store vegetables in the refrigerator in plastic bags for storage.

You can substitute this with the eco-friendly vegetable holding bag that you can wash and use.

Although it is plastic, it is eco-friendly compared to the consumption of disposable plastic bags.

The following products are specially processed into bags, and vegetables can be stored for 2 weeks or even 1 month, which leads to food loss.

エンバランス 新鮮チャック袋 [ 大サイズ / 370×270㎜ / 13枚入り ] 野菜保存 鮮度保存 ジッパー 小袋 食品 (エンバランス加工)
エンバランス 新鮮チャック袋 野菜保存 鮮度保存 ジッパー 小袋 食品 (エンバランス加工)


How was this eco-life [Beginner]?

Introducing items that can be reused rather than buying disposable items.

Even if it is made of plastic, it is not disposable, so you can reduce the amount of garbage.

Eco-friendly products are now available that can be reused in various ways.


Find your favorite one.

The following articles introduce eco-friendly activities that you can do without buying any products. Please take a look if you are interested.

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