Recommended eco-friendly sanitary products! What is the third sanitary product? [For all women]

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Since menstruation comes every month, depending on the convenience of the sanitary product, you may feel blue every month, or you may have to worry about replacing sanitary products.

This time, I would like to introduce you to eco-friendly and comfortable sanitary products.

In order to have a comfortable menstrual period, I recommend that you change it only a few times and don’t feel like wearing sanitary products.

Recommended for such people
  • I want eco-friendly sanitary products that can be reused!
  • I want to know easy sanitary products!
  • It’s a hassle to change sanitary products in a few hours!

Organic cloth napkin


First, I would like to introduce cloth napkin.

Women use large amounts of disposable napkins and tampons throughout their lives. The number is about 9,600.

4 plastic bags of plastic are used for one napkin.

To reduce this trash, you can substitute an unbleached cloth napkin made of organic cotton.

In the female body, the most easily absorbed external substance is the genital area.

Therefore, using plastic napkins and tampons will absorb a lot of chemicals through your genitals and vagina.

For those who touch the delicate parts, we recommend organic and unbleached.

After using a cloth napkin, wash it lightly by hand, soak it in water containing sosex soda overnight, and then wash.

無漂白コットン 布ナプキン アウトレット スナップボタンバラエティーセット
無漂白コットン 布ナプキン アウトレット スナップボタンバラエティーセット

Menstrual cup

月経カップ 生理 エコ

It is recommended to use menstrual cup in combination with the above cloth napkins.

Handwashing a cloth napkin every few hours is a bit tedious.

Here is the Menstrual Cup.

This is said to be third sanitary, following the napkin and tampons. Made of silicone, it is an ecological sanitary product that can be washed and used.

By inserting the menstrual cup into the vagina, the cup stays in the vagina and collects menstrual blood there.

In 6 to 8 hours, the menstrual blood inside will collect, so take it out once, flush it into the toilet, wash it lightly and put it in again.

Large capacity 12 hours is possible.

If the menstrual blood overflows the cup or is not fit, menstrual blood will leak out, so it is recommended to use with a cloth napkin.

Size varies depending on the person’s physique and blood flow.

Unknown in Japan, it is known overseas. I really recommend it because it doesn’t feel like a tampon.

月経カップ メルーナ 取り出しやすいリング型・クラシック・パープル (Mサイズ)
月経カップ メルーナ 取り出しやすいリング型・クラシック・パープル (Mサイズ)

Benefits of the menstrual cup

  • It can be used for up to 12 hours.
  • The expiration date is as long as 10 years, cost performance is so good.
  • Eco friendly because it can be washed and used.
  • Forget that it’s menstrual because you don’t feel it inserted.
  • You can observe menstrual blood volume and color, and confirm whether it is normal or abnormal.
  • As it is made of a material that is safe to put in your mouth, you can use it in your vagina without worrying about your body.
  • There is no feeling that menstrual blood will come out.
  • You can go to hot springs and beaches during your period.

Disadvantages of menstrual Cup

  • Disinfect the menstrual cup before use.
  • When reinserting a full menstrual cup, wash the cup with water.
  • When not fit or when the menstrual cup is full, menstrual blood comes out, so it is necessary to use it with a napkin.

How to insert the menstrual cup

女性 生理

How to hold the menstrual cup when inserting it is “C fold” so that the menstrual cup is in the shape of “C”, or it is folded to become “7”. There are various other ways of holding such as “7 fold“.

C fold” seems to be the most orthodox way to hold it, but My recommendation is 7 fold “is. Since the insertion area is small, it can be inserted smoothly without “wow” when inserting.

月経カップ たたみ方

Also, when inserting, bend one leg 90 degrees and raise it to the chest so that you can insert it smoothly while placing your foot somewhere.

As you get used to it, you can insert it by simply opening both legs. When inserting, exhale and relax.

Even if you insert it, the menstrual cup may remain folded and not fully open in your vagina.

My personal recommendation is to bow to 90 degrees immediately after putting it in.

The cup opens completely for some reason.

My pelvis shape and vaginal angle may be personal reasons, but if you can’t open it, please try again.

You can also touch the bottom of the cup with your finger after inserting it to see if it is completely open.

If it doesn’t open even after bowing, hold the cup’s buttocks with two fingers and press to apply so that the dented part opens. Please try.

You can open it with that pressure.

How to take out the menstrual cup

It is pelvic floor muscles that are active here.

Pelvic floor muscles relax after delivery (vaginal delivery) and with aging. This may cause urine leakage, uterine prolapse, bladder prolapse, etc. in the future.

When you put on the menstrual cup, it fits perfectly in your vagina.

Therefore, when you take it out, apply force to the vagina to contract the pelvic floor muscles and move the menstrual cup to the entrance to the vagina.

When the cup reaches the entrance, all you have to do is sandwich the cup’s ass with two fingers and squeeze it out.

The use of

menstrual cups trains pelvic floor muscles to prevent future urine leaks and uterine prolapse.

Notes on menstrual cup

If you are reading while eating, please read after finishing.

This is a story about having a toilet when a menstrual cup is inserted in the vagina.

When you have a bowel movement, you put a lot of effort in the anus, but at the same time, you put some effort in your vagina.

When I had a defecation with a menstrual cup in my vagina, I was about to drop the cup in the toilet bowl.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you stop with your fingers when you defecate so that the menstrual cup does not come out.

Menstrual cup softness

Menstrual cups come in three types of softness, depending on the manufacturer.

Softness is in order of “soft”> “classic”> “sports”.

“Soft” is the softest and easily deformed, making it easy for beginners to insert.

Since “sports” is the hardest, there is no risk of it deforming in the vagina or coming out during intense exercise, so it is recommended for sports people.

“Classic” is a little stiffer than “Soft”, so you won’t be deformed by abdominal pressure during defecation.

If you are familiar with the menstrual cup with “soft”, we recommend “classic”.

In my case, the Menstrual Cup got used to it after experiencing a few cycles of menstruation.

Amazon | 月経カップ メルーナ 取り出しやすいリング型・ソフト・Sサイズ・ピンク | メルーナジャパン | 月経カップ
月経カップ メルーナ 取り出しやすいリング型・ソフト・Sサイズ・ピンクが月経カップストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。

Handle part of the menstrual cup

The back of the menstrual cup has a handle to prevent it from getting stuck in the vagina.

There are ring, ball and stem types.

A thread is attached to the ring so that it can be pulled out.


Menstrual cup size

I have two different size menstrual cups. One is for ordinary days and the other is for many days.

By using properly, menstrual cup will not overflow with menstrual blood and you will be able to spend comfortably.

There are products made in Japan (Rose Cup), made in Germany (Me luna), and made in America (Eva Cup/Super Jennie/ Sckoon Cup).

By the way, I bought the Me luna S size soft ring type first, and after getting used to it, purchased the Me luna M size classic ball type.

I use the S size on the first and last days of the menstrual period, and on the middle day I use the M size, which has a safe capacity.

月経カップ 生理 エコ メルーナ
The Me luna Menstrual Cup I use

My height is 169 cm and I have never given birth.

Because the size varies depending on your height, birth experience and the number of people, please read the item description carefully before purchasing.


Products are medical made from as safe as those used for baby bottles.

In addition, the pelvis of a woman has an anterior tilt and a posterior tilt, and the angle and shape of the vagina are different for each person.

Therefore, not every menstrual cup fits everyone.


The shape and size of the menstrual cup will differ depending on the product, so please give it a try.

I hope that women can enjoy their periods comfortably with peace of mind.

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