Vegan-For those who are suffering from climate change [Quotations of each country]

夕日、悩み、ヴィーガンvegans worried

Climate changeis a global issue.

UNFCCC(The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), which was signed in 1994, has positioned the world as an issue to be addressed.

Global warming is a serious problem.

The UN IPCC has always proposed measures to prevent climate change.

Various countries are currently suffering from climate change.

There are many effects such as temperature rise, heat wave, sea level rise, ice mass reduction, precipitation reduction, desertification and drought, tornado and typhoon occurrence, cooling, forest fires, and species reduction.

This time, we will introduce measures to deal with the incapacitation and despair that people who are worried about such a climate crisis are likely to fall into.

Recommended for such people
  • I always try to be eco-friendly, but I am overwhelmed by the global scale of climate change.
  • In the world of mass production and mass consumption, it becomes difficult to know if one’s actions are meaningful.
  • When I think about global warming, I feel frustrated and feel sad.
  • I am not confident that vegan diet will improve the environment.

Climate change and vegan worries


Vegan is only 1% in the world

The number of vegetarians and vegans is increasing rapidly all over the world.

But vegan population is 1% of the world.

And only 1% of the people are calling out as activists.

The number of vegans is increasing, but it’s very few in the world.

Living becomes a burden on the environment

In the midst of global warming, I live as a vegan, living as little garbage as possible.

But sometimes, “Isn’t it meaningless to do what I’m doing right now? I don’t want to consume it and throw out garbage, or to put a burden on the environment. If so, die is the first choice… I also thought.

Marine plastic trash is weathered into microplastics that will float in the ocean for hundreds of years.

As a person lives for the rest of his life, he consumes a lot of resources, sacrifices animals and livestock, and adversely affects the environment.

But now we have no choice but to live in this situation.

Quotations of national leaders


There is no plan B

「There is no plan B」

French President Macronsaid in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

It means that there is no Plan B (alternative plan to live on a planet other than the Earth).

Plan A (living on the earth) is the only one, and it means that we should cherish only this one earth.

I think few people feel responsible for the current state of the earth.

“Global warming seems to be a big problem… But it’s okay because there is Plan B somewhere. I wonder if human technology can do anything.”

We should not regret when we spend that time thinking that there is no Plan B.

I’m thinking about climate change, but when I don’t feel the value of the eco-action I’m doing now,

“There is no plan B”

Remember this word.

We can only live on this one earth, which is rich in greenery, has water resources, and has a wide variety of creatures.

I think about the future and remember the words of President Macron when I was in trouble.

Vegetarian food is superior to tradition and culture.

“Vegetarian foods that prevent global warming are superior to tradition and customs.”

The words of Prince Williamof England.

I think so.

As the global environment has deteriorated, even if we want to continue the traditions and customs and pass them on to the next generation of children, there is no proof that we can do it anymore.

Each meal certainly puts a load on the earth.

“Only 1% of people in the world have vegan food. Does it make sense?”

I sometimes think so. Also, the question may be asked.

Even if the results and effects are not visible now, the environmental impact of the meal will definitely change.


This word, supported by national leaders, has given courage and confidence to those suffering from climate change.

I have more regrets than regrets I don’t.

Let’s continue what we can do now.

In Japan, shopping bags have finally been charged from this month.

Small things can make a big difference if everyone’s consciousness changes.

Everything starts with a small change.

Vegan population is still very small in the world. But I hope I can continue this lifestyle, disseminate information, and influence something around me.


I hope that this article will make the feelings of those who are concerned about the environment and thinking about the earth more positive.