Friend’s reaction to vegan〜religion?

女、光が差し込んだカフェ、vegans worried

Vegan people often don’t talk to their friends because they wonder how they react.

I was worried about that and once gathered information online about the vegan experience.

When you confess to be vegan, I think there are quite a few vegans who fear the reaction of others.

It may not be a big issue overseas, but in Japan there is a culture that emphasizes “harmony with people” and “being the same as people.” Therefore, I find it very courageous to say that I am vegan.

It’s a path that all vegans worry about.

I would like to write about my experience this time.

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I hope the vegan people will have the courage to talk to their friends.

Reactions vegan people fear


For about half a year, I couldn’t tell the people around me that I was vegan.

When I first talked to a friend, she straightened me.

“Vegan is a little annoying to others, what should I do about it?”

At that time, I was eating out and had meat dishes because it was a course meal.

She seemed to feel aversion when she saw my act of leaving only meat.

When I talked about being vegan, it wasn’t what I wanted, but it’s normal.

I really understood what the choice of “vegan” makes you feel when you eat with everyone.

This is something a vegan person should know and have to think about.

After being asked the question “How is that life? Isn’t it different?”,

“I don’t understand my own way of life in Japan. I don’t understand how to live in vegan as a person, whether I’m wrong, or I should stop.”

I was thinking about it all the time.

Is vegan a religion?

my friend A
my friend A

Vegan is like a religion…

Isn’t it brainwashed?

I don’t know how vegan and religion are positioned overseas, but for me, vegan is not a religion.

Religion has a long history and is so old that science has not yet developed.

In order to understand the world, humanity has not yet developed, and there were many mysteries, and it was a chaotic time.

I think religion was born because it was necessary to live that era.

And I can no longer ask the person who created the religion, “Why do you do it, what is its need and reason?”

The answer is a story that goes beyond the science of “knowing only God”.

There is no room for discussion. It is difficult to speak with knowledge.

But Vegan was born out of the development of science.

Various studies have revealed the adverse effects of an animal diet on the environment, animals and health.

It is supported and has a basis.

In addition, I think that vegan was born of a world in which there are no human conflicts or wars and there is enough order to look at other creatures.

Of course, there are still wars and fights for people, but it has been hundreds of years since I was able to get enough food at supermarkets.

Every day, the fight for food is much less than it used to be.

So I feel that I can now focus on the whole planet, rather than just thinking about my own life.

In this way, vegan and religion have different reasons in the first place.

Therefore, I feel that vegan, which is based on scientific grounds, and religion, which was born in a time when science was not established, is a different dimension.

Questions for Vegan

There were various reactions from my friends.

my friend B
my friend B

What is vegan?

Some friends asked me.

Vegan is still not well known in Japan. I was the same a year ago too.

my friend C
my friend C

Are you a vegetarian? You don’t eat meat anymore? I’m meatarian. lol

She said so and invited me to laugh.

my friend D
my friend D

Thank you for telling me.

I was very happy.

It’s a place to talk about my thoughts slowly.

my friends
my friends

Don’t you eat meat or fish?

What are you eating?

What was the trigger?

I had some friends who were interested in the history of becoming vegan and eating habits.

There were various reactions from my friends.



If you haven’t confided to the people around you, please confess. You may get a reaction that is different from your imagination.

If it’s not the reaction you wanted, you have to accept it because it’s a normal reaction.

If you tell the facts and give your thoughts and thoughts, I think that the day will come when you understand and accept them.

My friend who questioned me now

She says “Let’s go vegan restaurants together!”

I was happy with the feelings of my friends.

It will be accepted even if it is not possible immediately.

The word vegan has come to be seen in restaurants. Vegan restaurants and shops are increasing.


Let’s wait for veganism!

Japan is coming soon!