Does vegan look bossy?

コートを着た女vegans worried

“Vegan looks something great” “Impressive” “Vegan is crazy”

Such words are often heard.

In Japan, there aren’t many vegans yet, so I don’t think there are many anti-vegans. However, of course, there are such people overseas.


By the way, my older brother is a familiar person who can get opinions from different angles.

When I’m discussing vegan, I have something to keep in mind. So I will introduce it.

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I would like to work with you to find out why vegan looks bossy.

What should be as a vegan


First, when I explain vegan, I’m very careful not to use words that compel you.

I don’t say anything that invites my friends, “Let’s be vegan together”.

Because I know it’s often thought to be “Vegan looks bossy and pushy”. For that reason, I will select and explain the words very carefully.

I also don’t use coercive words because it is meaningless if the person understands its importance and does it voluntarily.

Changing your eating habits and lifestyle will not last unless you have a strong will.

Psychology of mind


So why does it look gbossy? Why does the other person feel that way when vegan explain the research data?

Global story

Isn’t it because the food and global warming are related and the story is big?

“The vegan diet is the most efficient way to prevent global warming due to the fact that diet is affecting the earth. I am contributing to the earth by doing it.”

Don’t you feel bossy?

This is a global story, so it can’t be helped. It is true that food affects the global environment of water, land, methane gas and the sea.


Also, even if it is said that the vegan lifestyle benefits the people of the earth and poor countries, it is very difficult to practice it realistically. Getting out of a historic food culture like Japan is a very difficult task.

It’s hard to do and feels very unrealistic. Therefore, few of the people who have heard of Vegan can do it right away. So, if you don’t want to practice or want to find out why you can’t do it, I felt that “vegan looks great”.

If you don’t want to practice it, or if you can’t do it, vegan will contribute to society, and even if you can understand the necessary lifestyle and the inner part of your mind, you will first feel the feeling of denial. This is a personal point of view as it is what I felt while talking to my family.

Even the United Nations acknowledged that a vegan lifestyle would be needed in the future. But for many, it’s an unacceptable fact as it’s a major lifestyle change.

How does vegan feel and live


We don’t do it because we think we are great and want to immerse ourselves in superiority. We are not imitated because celebrities do it. Not because he is conscious and looks fashionable. And because of the sense of superiority, not every day is happy.

I am overwhelmed and discouraged by the amount of animal-derived materials that I see in my daily life.

On a rainy day

On rainy days, I feel sad that plastic cigarette butts and debris flow into the sewage, connect to the sea, and are taken up by sea life and birds, causing death. Many plastic debris have been found in the stomachs of seabirds, fish, and whales.

Recently, such photos have been posted on the beach to alert people to the abandonment of plastic trash.

On rainy days, it is humans who pollute the sea and kill fish and other living things. I remember.

And the garbage and plastics that are taken up by fish and shellfish return to our bodies when we eat fish and shellfish for dinner.

With that in mind, when I have a child, it makes me scary to feed.

Scary fish

If you are pregnant, please refrain from eating fish. It is well known overseas, but it has not spread in Japan, which is a fish giant.

Rather, some people think that smart children are likely to grow up and seem to be nutritious, and that they may take fish during pregnancy.

Although some might think, “I need to reduce the fish a little,” but that is not the case.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare stipulates that for tuna, one serving (80g) can be used up to twice a week. If so, do not eat any other seafood during the week. Larger fish, such as red sea bream and swordfish, have a higher concentration of mercury due to bioconcentration, so once a week for one serving.

Mercury can adversely affect fetal brain and nervous system development.

In some countries, in consideration of the danger of mercury, the consumption of seafood during pregnancy is prohibited. is.

Fish is not only mercury, but also microplastics these days, so it’s scary to think about how many fish it contains. Since microplastics bind to chemical substances, all chemical substances are taken into the body.

Even if you want to get nutrition from fish, there is no guarantee that your options are safe because it is now polluted.

Many human beings caused a lot of news, such as “the number of endangered species has increased”, “the dead zone of the sea has increased”, and “the deforestation of livestock has caused a fire”. There is also.

Vegan is often unknown and isolated.However, in that loneliness, the reason why you continue to have a vegan lifestyle is that strong will, sense of duty, and sense of crisis. I want you to recognize that it is.



Overseas, there are many people who ask vegans very straightforwardly and give their opinions.

By the way, when you type “vegan” on the net, “vegan crazy” comes out first. Sure, I know it, and I don’t understand it. Lol

I would love to know how you feel about vegan.

Because people are brought up in different environments, it is normal for people to have different opinions about one thing. I wanted to deepen my understanding of vegan by considering each of those different opinions and what you feel.

This time, I thought about why “Vegan feels great” and found my own answer, so I introduced it.

” People are people. I am myself. For example, 100 people are myself. I say that I think it is correct, even if it is a different opinion.”

With this in mind, I wanted to maintain my belief.

There are few vegan people around me. My younger brother sometimes lives as a Vegan and lives like the Meat Free Monday in Britain. It seems that his interest in vegan is gradually expanding from his interest in environmental issues.


Vegan is one lifestyle. Some people have this lifestyle as a hobby. I would be grateful if anyone could have a little interest and sympathize with me.