Now from the Chernobyl nuclear accident. It has become a paradise for animals and plants!

チェルノブイリ、森と建物を上空から見たenvironment issues

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant shocked the world.

The accident is well known, several films about the Chernobyl nuclear accident were shown and the drama was released in 2019.

However, since then there has been a Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.

This time, After the Chernobyl nuclear accident Current, I would like to see the state of plants and animals together.

What happened to the plants now after the Chernobyl nuclear accident?

CNN:Current Chernobyl

Plants have tremendous vitality. There are places where it is well represented.

It is Chernobyl.

April 26, 1986 The Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded and burned near the Pripyat river, which flows 110 km north of Kiev, causing radiation to fall into the northern hemisphere.

A huge closed area was left behind after 300,000 people were evacuated due to the nuclear accident. (Approximately 3,200 km2 around Chernobyl)

Immigration will not be possible for the next 20,000 years.

However, the plants show amazing life force while exposed to radioactivity.

Just ten years after the accident, trees were growing in the ruins.

What happened to animals now after the Chernobyl nuclear accident?


The forest has recovered itself, so the creatures are back.

In just 20 years after the accident, scientists recorded that the site became Europe’s leading wildlife habitat.

There it is thought that plants and animals lose their lives, and the remaining organisms are sick due to pollution.

Recently, however, the opposite research result that the number of animals is rapidly increasing has been shown and attracting attention.

Breeding of endangered Przewalski’s Wild Horses

To date, endangered Przewalski’s horses in the reserve have been decimated by poachers.

Twenty-nine years after the nuclear accident, American scientists opened upPrzewalski’s horses in restricted areas.

A herd of Przewalski’s horses is now being seen.

Twenty years after Przewalski’s horses were released, the number was quintupled.

According to scientists, there is no harm in radioactivity to Przewalski’s horses.

The fertility of endangered species is a new hope for us.

Przewalski’s horses seems to use the vacant house as a shelter.

For them, this restricted area is a “paradise”.

Netflix:Our Planet〜Przewalski’s horses

You can see a flock of Przewalski’s horses on YouTube. They run freely through the Chernobyl grasslands.


The reference is below.

ゴゴ通信の元の記事はこちらからご覧ください 1986年チェルノブイリ原発事故の後、人はその周辺の街を捨て誰も住まなくなり「死の地」と呼ばれるようになった。 そんな街で希少な野生馬が発見された。米国アリゾナ州立大学のピーターシュリー…

The reference is below.(English)

The mystery of Chernobyl's wild horses
Wild horses native to the steppes of Asia live now in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Ukraine), with an expanding population, 34 years after the nuclear accident.

Wolf breeding

The biggest surprise is that the wolf is back. Because Predators are abundant in the forest and only where prey is.

Netflix:Our Planet〜Forests Flock of wolves
Netflix:Our Planet〜Forests Flock of wolves

Forbidden areas are known to have seven times more population than outside the area.

Similar to the exclusion zone, but no significant changes in the population of elk, deer, and wild boars were observed compared to unprotected natural reserves.Wolf population was seven times higher.

Furthermore, all of these numbers began to increase in the first decade after the accident.

It will become a forest in just 30 years and become a paradise for wildlife

CNN:Current Chernobyl

Chernobyl’s return to wild forests and abundant forests in just 30 years demonstrates how strong forests are.

Given time and place to the forest, I think we can recover the rich and diverse flora and fauna that humans have robbed in recent years.

Increasing forests is the key to restoring the planet.

World deforestation


Worldwide forests fellingmore than half is causing climate change.

Deforestation has been extensively practiced around the world in the last few hundred years. Forests in Southeast Asia are at the highest level and are favored as furniture and building materials, and illegal logging never stops.

On Madagascar Island, 97% of the forest has disappeared due to deforestation.

If deforestation progresses, the lives of the inhabitants will be lost.

And there are many species that only live in this island country.

Chain after animal depletion

For example, there are 40 species of lemurs that are endangered, although they live only in Madagascar.

If they die, some plants will be lost and their predator Fossa will be extinct. Fossa has already been reduced by a third.

The food chain connects everything from plants to animals.

Forests absorb the emitted carbon dioxide by photosynthesis. Also, when trees are felled, the carbon dioxide that has been absorbed up to now is exhausted at once.

The impact of deforestation on global warming is huge.

In the meantime, environmental awareness has begun, and companies, NPO, and NGO are planting trees.


In the future, rather than disdaining nature, a world where nature and humans coexist becomes important.

Forests, given the case of Chernobyl, have an unknown potential to grow under extreme conditions and attract animals.

Currently, deforestation is intense worldwide, but there are things we can do to preserve it for future generations.

Consumer society

Similar to fast fashion furniture, some companies are making products one after another and adopting a disposable strategy. IK○A from Sweden can be called fast interior in the furniture industry. IK○A has been criticized for cutting down valuable Russian primary forests one after another.

On the other side, IK○A handed over money to Russia, and it seems that money was working. In other words, Russia sold its own 600-year-old precious primary forest.

As a result, European people do not seem to have a good impression of IK○A, and sales in Europe seem to be decreasing. On the other hand, it is very popular in Japan. The Scandinavian boom has also been a tailwind, making it even more popular.

The CEO of IK○A pushed for deforestation and built wealth.

What should we be interested in in the future?

It’s time to think about not only design, cuteness, and fashion, but what kind of company the company is and what kind of policies it has.

It may be necessary to change the way we choose products so that our children can live on this planet, not just for the immediate future.


My heart hurts when I think about the current state of the earth, but I would like to change my behavior little by little, not forgetting my new hope at Chernobyl.

Reference: Netflix “Our Planet ~ Forests”

チェルノブイリの原発事故が「動物の楽園」を生み出した? 異なる調査結果から浮き彫りになったこと
environment issues
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