What does vegan eat for breakfast?


I think many people wonder, “What is vegan eating?”

This time, I would like to introduce the breakfast I often eat.

Recommended for such people
  • I want to have vegan but I don’t know what to eat!
  • I want to start vegan loosely!
  • I want to eat healthy!
  • I’m worried about cholesterol!

Vegan does not mainly eat “meat, fish, eggs, dairy products”.

Vegan’s diet is healthy and low in cholesterol because it is animal-free!

Vegan breakfast

  • Summer ➡ Smoothies, Oatmeal, Granola, Muesli
  • Winter ➡ Hot Oatmeal, Baked Oatmeal, Scrambled Tofu (Vegan Scrambled Egg)
  • Weekend ➡ Salad, Acai bowl, Beets bowl, Pancake, Crepe
Handmade granola

Like Japanese people, there are days for rice and natto.

Breakfast: ancient rice and natto kimchi

Summer is hot, so I often eat cold food.

Smoothies with frozen bananas and greens, and granola and muesli with cold soymilk.

I eat warm and good food in winter. I warm the oatmeal that had been soaked with soy milk in the microwave the day before, and lent the baked oatmeal that I made in the oven.

I also make scrambled tofu instead of scrambled eggs.

Stir-fried cotton tofu and vegetables, turmeric colored yellow, and season with black pepper and salt.

I will write a detailed recipe next time.

Scrambled tofu and vegan mayonnaise
(for younger brother, toast)
Summer weekend morning: beets bowl and handmade granola

Oatmeal popular with vegan

Summer Weekend Morning: Acai Bowl

Basically, I get energy from oatmeal in the morning.

Oatmeal has the highest amount of protein, dietary fiber, and minerals among grains such as rice and bread, and has the highest nutritional value.

And it has the lowest GI value, low sugar and high protein. It also helps lower cholesterol.

For that reason, it has become a staple food in the morning.

I became vegan and became more healthy, and this breakfast was served. Vegans are highly conscious of health and many are familiar with nutrition. As a result, many Japanese vegans also use oatmeal as their breakfast rather than rice.

I am a person who never tires of having the same breakfast. However, I think there are many people who do not like the taste of oatmeal or get tired of it.

Oatmeal has a wide variety of arrangements and can be eaten deliciously. I will introduce the recipe in another article.

Berries have the highest antioxidant potential among fruits


I have something to eat in the morning.

It is fruits such as bananas, kiwis and berries. Especially, many frozen mixed berries will appear.

Eating 1 cup of berries daily will prevent various diseases such as cancer, heart disease and hepatitis. It is due to the high antioxidant power of berries.

For example, bananas, which many people like, have an antioxidant power of 40, but a belly is 310-400. It is about 10 times more than other vegetables and fruits.

Of the berries, darker berries such as blackberries and blueberries have higher antioxidant power. Blackberries are the highest, 650.

This is because antioxidants are contained in food pigments. For blueberries, an anthocyanin pigment makes blueberries blue.

In addition, 97% of the antioxidant pigment is destroyed in jam. So if you’re looking for berry antioxidants, we recommend raw and frozen berries.

A lot of fruit on weekend mornings


I would like to talk about frozen fruits here.

When asked about frozen fruit,

I think you have the question, “Is it inferior in quality to raw fresh ones?”

However, it has been found that the nutritional value remains almost unchanged even when frozen. It’s available all year round and I buy frozen berries because it’s cheap.

Summer weekend morning: acai bowl, salad, spiced dried fruits

The effect of cinnamon

Two kinds of cinnamon
  • Cassia (from Sri Lanka) ➡ Inexpensive. Coumarin, an ingredient, lowers blood sugar, but has liver dysfunction. Children often take a quarter teaspoon several times a week.
  • Ceylon (from China, Vietnam) ➡ No coumarin component, so there is no blood glucose drop or liver dysfunction. Has an antioxidant effect.

It is spices and herbs that have higher antioxidant power than this berry.

For that reason, I use cinnamon. By the way, there are two types of cinnamon.

Most cinnamon is cassia. The one written simply as “cinnamon” is Cassia.

Cassia is also used in Indian food and has a strong aroma. Ceylon cinnamon, on the other hand, has a weak aroma and is often used in black tea.

Cinnamon strengthens capillaries, improves coldness and prevents skin spots and wrinkles.

Cinnamon also has a high antioxidant effect.

Cinnamon alone has an antioxidant capacity of 20, but when applied to oatmeal, the antioxidant capacity is 6 times 120.

Ceylon cinnamon is not effective in lowering blood sugar levels, but I use it because it has no liver dysfunction and is safe.

Therefore, my morning staple is soy milk-fluffed oatmeal, frozen berries, nuts and seeds, cinnamon.

Weekday classic oatmeal


How was your vegan breakfast?

I think that what is different from ordinary meals is that there are a lot of oatmeal and fruits.

But for those eating a healthy diet, it’s a normal breakfast, and probably a similar one.

In the morning, you can start your morning comfortably by eating a fresh, raw meal first.

Also, for breakfast on weekends, making acai bowls and pancakes makes me feel special.

So I’m always looking forward to weekend breakfast and wake up comfortably in the morning.

And enjoy your coffee for a weekend breakfast.

I like to bake pancakes and crepes with my family in the coffee-scented kitchen.

Of course, I also like the relaxed time to eat together.


Even though I am busy on weekdays, I try to have breakfast with my family on weekends. Enjoy cooking vegan with everyone while cooking with your family!

Weekend Morning: Oatmeal Pancakes