Why Vegan Doesn’t Eat Honey [Reasons and Substitutes]


Vegan doesn’t eat honey.

The reason is because of animal welfare and environmental protection.

I will explain about it and also introduce recommended sweeteners and Glycemic Index.

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Why Vegan Doesn’t Eat Honey


Honey is of animal origin

Honey is a bee once digested and exhaled nectar from a flower in his stomach.

Because the bees are mediated in this way, honey is not of plant origin but is of animal origin.

Vegan does not ingest honey from living bees, as it is “does not exploit as much as possible”.

There are many foods and cosmetics that can’t be purchased because they contain this honey.

We still don’t know that honey is not a vegan product.

Bee Life Lost at Beekeepers

Beehives are managed by beekeepers.

However, beekeepers fear that if one bee becomes sick, the other bees will also get sick, and the entire nest will be burned.

Thus, even non-ill bees and bee pups will lose their lives.

Burning a whole beehive is “Is it ethical?”. Some vegan wonder honey because it has such ethical issues.

Bee disintegration syndrome, CDD

From the 1990s to 2005, a large number of bees disappeared.

It has been found all over Europe, the US, Brazil, India, Taiwan, Japan and all over the world.

This mass disappearance of unexplained bees is called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

You can hardly see dead bees around the beehive.

CCD has also been found in beekeepers.

Today, the mechanism of disappearance remains unclear, but some research results have been reported and the cause has been identified.

The main causes of bee disappearance are as follows.

Main causes
  • Temperature rise
  • Decrease in plants due to land development
  • Use of pesticides
  • Increase in genetically modified plants

70% of agricultural products depend on bees.

Bees play a central role in pollinating crops and are therefore crucial to food security, with the loss of bees having a devastating effect on the economy.

Concerned about the disappearance of such bees, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) warns of “Global bee decline“. It was.

The use of some pesticides was banned in France in 2006 and in Germany and Italy in 2008. Pesticides in the EU Union in 2013 (clotidianin/imidacloprid/thiamethoxam) Regulations have been introduced.

In the United States in 2015, President Obama’s government funded research into honeybee habitat and ways to protect honeybees from disease and pesticides in an effort to reduce their disappearance.

Emphasis is placed on the risk of extinction as climate change increases temperatures and precipitation beyond what bumblebees can tolerate.

Research results in the US

Because of such a global decline in bees, governments in various countries have begun to take measures.

Consumers (mainly environmental activists and vegans) have questioned a product called honey that uses bees, whose population is declining dramatically.

Substitute For Honey


Contribute to forest conservation with maple syrup

In Canada, there is a problem that maple trees that can collect maple syrup are illegally logged.

Therefore, according to the Quebec law of Canada, the maple syrup used for the production of maple syrup is to be protected.

This protected maple forest is never felled.

On the other hand, maple trees without sap are not protected until they are used for production.

Therefore, there is always the possibility of being felled.

1 teaspoon daily replacing maple syrup with maple syrup, and one year later, two maple trees will be used in production and will be protected.

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Honey is the mainstream sweetener in Japan, but why not try incorporating maple syrup from the perspective of environmental conservation?

Agave syrup recommended for low glycemic index

It turns out that Agave Syrup is significantly lower than other sweeteners. The raw material is tequila.

25% less calories than sugar and 1.3 times sweeter than sugar.

However, fructose contained in agave syrup may load your liver function.

Fructose is also found in fruits, but some agave syrups contain 90% fructose.

Therefore, low fructose agave syrup is also sold.

Because there is no habit, it is easy to use for any dish or sweets.

Here is the one I often buy.

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What Is Glycemic Index


How blood sugar works

Glycemic Index (GI)is the rate of increase in blood glucose level after eating.Carbohydrates are broken down by digestive enzymes to glucose.

Glucose is absorbed in the small intestine and flows into the blood. This will temporarily raise your blood sugar.

Glucose (that is, blood sugar) in the blood is taken up by the insulin secreted by the pancreas from the blood into the muscles and the liver.

Thus, the blood sugar level drops and returns to normal.

GI is the relative value of glucose as 100 with respect to the degree of increase in blood glucose level when 50 g of carbohydrate is ingested.

  • High GI⇨70〜
  • Medium GI⇨56〜69
  • Low GI⇨0〜55
When ingesting high GI

The amount of glucose in the blood increases rapidly. As a result, a large amount of insulin is secreted and glucose is taken up by the cells.

However, excess glucose accumulates in the liver and fat, causing fatty liver and neutral fat.

And suddenly, from high blood sugar to low blood sugar, drowsiness may occur, and hunger may come soon.

When ingesting low GI

Glucose slowly flows into the blood and insulin is secreted slowly.

As a result, the blood sugar level gradually changes from rising to falling.

Compare GI of sweeteners

  • White sugar 109
    Brown sugar(Sanon sugar) 108
    Raw sugar 99
    Brown rice starch syrup 98
    Honey 40-75 (depending on the type of honey)
    Beet sugar(Tensai sugar) 65
    Maple syrup 55
  • Dates 40
    Coconut sugar 35
    Agave syrup 20
    Stevia 0

Brown sugar is a mixture of white sugar sprinkled in a centrifuge and boiled down. In other words, I think that brown sugar is in the gray zone for vegan because the raw sugar is white sugar produced through a beef bone filter. Some vegan people will avoid it.

Raw sugar has a high GI, but it is rich in minerals and low in calories because it is a sugarcane powder.

Brown rice starch syrup, as its name suggests, is made from brown rice. It is a sweetener that often appears in macrobiotic dishes that recommend brown rice instead of refined ones.

Beet sugar contains minerals, though not as much as raw sugar. Also, because it contains oligosaccharides, it activates the beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Coconut sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Dates is rich in vitamins (folic acid/vitamin B) and minerals (iron/potassium, etc.) and also contains dietary fiber. It has a high nutritional value and calories as high as 3 capsules a day. In the past, when people in the Middle East traveled in the desert, food was overcome only by dates. The dates are so nutritious.

I introduce the dates recommended products in the following articles.

Vegan Recommended Food【Dates】
Here are three types of dates recommended by Vegan. It is dry dates, dates paste, dates & walnuts sweets. This is my recommended date I bought and found various kinds of dates. The nutrition and benefits of dates are also introduced here.


How was my introduction to why you don’t eat vegan honey and its substitute sweeteners?

In the future, how to bring back a large number of disappeared bees and restore the population may greatly influence our food shortage problem.

Why don’t you think about the need for honey and change the honey you use at home with another sweetener?


I went vegan and stopped buying honey. Instead, I use agave syrup or maple syrup.

I am vegan.