What is Pescatarian, Pesca? They are vegetarians who eat fish! [Summary of benefit and disadvantages]

草原に立つ男、ペスカタリアンvegan intermediate

Do you know about Pescatarian?

Recently, more and more people are practicing pescatarian for the purpose of weight loss and skin cleansing.

Also, some of those who do muscle training may improve power performance and move to pescatarian for health.

What is Pescatarian, Pesca?


Pescatarian is

A pescatarian is a vegetarian who eats fish.

Pescatarians eat fish, dairy products, and eggs, but not meat.

In Japanese, it is called fish vegetarian.

Pesca is an Italian word meaning “fishing” or “fish”.

There is also a way to call it Pescetarian.

Either it does not matter, but more people call it Pescatarian.

Reason to eat fish

Some ethical vegans aimed at animal welfare believe that fish also have pain sensations, which is why some people don’t eat fish.

On the other hand, it seems that some people think that the reason why pescatarians eat fish is because they have no pain.

However, recent research has revealed that “fish feel pain“, so this is likely to be a new turning point for Pescatharians.

The following is an article about pain in fish.


The difference between vegan and pescatarian

Vegan does not consume meat, fish, dairy or eggs. Some people do not consume bonito dashi, gelatin, or white sugar to avoid animal sources.

Pescatarian does not eat only meat, but fish, dairy and eggs.

Benefit of Pescatarian


Lose weight

Since they don’t eat meat, many people lose weight because they eat less calories, eat more vegetables and eat more fiber.

The skin feels better

There are experiences that the skin becomes beautiful and the skin feels better.

Get nutrition (omega-3 fatty acids) from fish

Pescatarian is a fish-eating vegetarian, so you can get omega-3 from fish.

If you go to vegan, you don’t eat fish, so Omega-3 is a flaxseed, flaxseed oil, chia seed, and supplement, so you need to consciously ingest it.

Pescutarians can save you the trouble, so you can easily change your eating habits.

Easy to move to vegan and vegetarian diet

As a step-up to move to vegan and vegetarian diets, many people seem to start pescatarian first.

Reduced risk of chronic illness

There is a research report that the risk of death from coronary artery disease, type II diabetes, heart disease and cancer is reduced by 7% when changing from meat to fish intake. (Research by Harvard University)

【3月13日 AFP】加工された赤肉を毎日食べると若死にするリスクが最大で20%高くなる可能性があるという論文が12日、米国医師会(American Medical Association)の内科専門誌「アーカイブス・オブ・インターナル・メディシン(Archives of Internal Medicine)」に掲載さ...

Good for the environment

There are various effects of livestock on the environment, such as greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution from manure, and promotion of deforestation.

Pescatarian does not eat meat, which leads to the improvement of these environments.

I introduce the following article on how eating meat affects the environment.


Increased awareness of animal protection

industrial livestock production

Currently, livestock is larger than the world population due to intensive commercial production.

Industrial livestock production has enabled mass production with the minimum cost, but ethical issues, sustainability, and the way of factory farming raising are being questioned.

In factory farming, animals are full of feces and cut without anesthesia.

Pescatarians have the idea that they don’t want to take part in it and indirectly kill the animal.

Disadvantages of Pescatarian


Become dry skin

There is also an experience story of having dry skin.

Therefore, it may be different for each person as to how the skin feels.

Increased mercury intake

Natural mercury and artificially emitted mercury are accumulated in fish. A small amount of mercury is artificially emitted.

The accumulated part is not the internal organs of fish, but the red meat.

Mercury binds to amino acids and is therefore abundant in red meat, which is the part of the protein consisting of amino acids.

Also, the food chain causes more mercury to accumulate in larger fish (whales, tuna, swordfish) than in smaller ones.

Because mercury affects fetal growth, pregnant women should limit their eating amount per week.

The link below is the intake of fish that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has determined for pregnant women.


The following links are Ministry of the Environment information on fish and mercury.


Ingestion of antibiotics, vaccines and anthelmintics

Since fish are the same as livestock and at risk of illness and infectious diseases, various drugs are being administered.

Antibacterial/antibiotic substances, anesthetics, vaccines, anthelmintics, vitamins, disinfectants, etc.

The following links are the types and amounts of medicines used by fish specified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


More likely to ingest microplastics

Microplastic is also found in clothing derived from synthetic fibers and in the air, but fish also contains microplastic.

Abundantly accumulated in the internal organs, but also found in the muscles and fat of fish.

Therefore, sardines, shishamo, clams and clams are eaten whole, including the internal organs, so be careful.

Marine microplastics have adsorbed hydrophobic harmful chemical substances remaining in the sea. Polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride etc.

Microplastics have been reported to affect the hormonal system and reproductive function of fish and cause liver dysfunction and tumor formation.

It seems that the effects on the human body have not been clarified yet.

The following links are for reference only.


From fishing industry to environmental pollution

Fishing industry has problems with marine pollution due to fishing boat fuel spills, overfishing and ghostnet.

Details are introduced in the following articles.


Can’t eat delicious meat

Of course, there is this disadvantage.

I think there is a loneliness that they can’t eat such delicious meat and they can’t share the deliciousness with their friends and loved ones.

Pescatarian japanese


Former super carnivorous handsome trainer

It seems that a handsome personal trainer who was a super carnivore became a pescatarian after thinking about health in his thirties.

Mikki (Blogger)

Mikki, who lives in Bangkok, has a British husband as a pescatarian.

Mikkki seems to have reduced meat intake while living together, but she is not a pescatarian.


Pescatarian is a very accessible diet for those who are health conscious and want to switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

If you are interested, try changing your diet little by little.

I also had a vegan friend who knew about Pescatharian.

Even in vegan, I wanted to learn more about the lifestyles of Pescatarian and others, and to deepen my understanding.

Each lifestyle depends on the person’s values.


Even if we have different ways of thinking, I would like to respect each other and share the good points and exchange information.

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I am vegan.