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Vegan-For those who are suffering from climate change [Quotations of each country]

Climate change has been positioned as a global issue to be addressed by UNFCCC, which was signed in 1994. Global warming is a serious problem even at the IPCC. Here are some words that encourage people who are worried about the climate crisis and vegan.
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Eating fish causes sea environment issues

Eating fish causes environmental problems in the sea. There are various problems such as overfishing of fisheries, ghost nets, and marine pollution from the fuel of fishing vessels.
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The Netflix documentary film made me vegan

I got into vegan with a Netflix documentary film. I've been vegan for a year and eat a healthy diet that doesn't eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.
environment issues

Which is eco-friendly milk?

Among milk, milk has many environmental problems. It consumes a lot of land and water and emits a lot of greenhouse gases, which promotes global warming. The water resources of the earth are decreasing. Vegan milk includes soy milk, oat milk, and almond milk.
vegans worried

Friend’s reaction to vegan〜religion?

Vegan is not a religion. There were various reactions from my friends. I was often asked vegan questions.
environment issues

The biggest cause of global warming is cow burps, farts, and manure

Cattle burps, farts and manure are the biggest contributors to global warming. It is methane gas and nitrous oxide. It was proved by the report of the United Nations IPCC. We have found that livestock cows are the cause of global warming rather than carbon dioxide.

Does drinking milk cause osteoporosis?

Drinking milk can easily lead to osteoporosis. It doesn't make bones and you can't say that you can get healthy with a bad drink. Milk dissolves calcium from the bones, weakens them and leads to osteoporosis.
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Increasing number of polar bears cannibalizing due to global warming

Due to global warming, polar bears, who are depleted of ice and unable to receive food, are starting to eat. Baby polar bears in particular are at risk of being eaten by male polar bears.
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My answer to questions that are often asked to vegan

In a question to Vegan, "Can you eat meat if you are grateful?" "Can you eat grazing animals?" "Can I eat without leaving any food?" Nowadays, without sacrificing animals, We can easily get vegetables, fruits and beans. There is no problem with nutrition. Few livestock are really grazing. And I can't kill animals myself.

Dairy Products And Cancer Risk

Dairy products are said to be fat due to their high nutritional value. And dairy products are also concerned about cancer risk. In addition, 90% of Japanese have lactose intolerance, and dairy products easily cause diarrhea, which can cause allergies. The famous breast cancer movement Pink Ribbon receives funding from dairy companies, which favors companies that sell dairy products at risk for breast cancer.
vegans worried

Does vegan look bossy?

"Is vegan great?bossy? Is it crazy?" I often see words like this on the internet. I didn't start it because celebrities were doing it, not because it looked fashionable. I am overwhelmed every day by the many things that come from animals, and I am afraid of thinking about animal sacrifice and deterioration of the global environment.

What Is a Vegan?〜Part 1

A vegan is a way of life that respects the lives and rights of all animals and reduces the burden on the earth as much as possible. Vegan does not buy leather or fur. As for cosmetics, I often buy products that do not have animal experiments (Cruel Tea Free). Introducing ethical vegan.