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Vegetarian and Vegan quotes by great figure

Here are some great quotes about vegetarian and vegan.
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Many companies and major supermarkets commit to veganuary in UK[2021]

Introducing the movement of the veganuary in UK in January 2021. Major supermarkets and companies (Starbucks , Burger King) have all committed to launching new vegan products.

Recommended vegan chocolate for Valentine’s Day [2021]

Introducing vegan chocolates recommended for Valentine's gifts. Allergy-free, guilt-free, organic chocolate.

Vegan Chocolate Summary [2021]

Introducing vegan chocolates that you can buy on the market. I also introduce organic, fair trade, palm-free products and more.
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Veganuary in January 2021 was attended by 580,000 people, the largest number ever!

I write about the number of participants in the 2021 Veganuary and the effects of the coronavirus.
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Vegan ~ Easy apple tart with plenty of apple cream

A recipe for a vegan apple tart made with Fuji apples. Since it is plant-based, there are no saturated fatty acids. Enjoy a simple and crispy apple tart.
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What does Veganuary mean?

I'm writing about what Veganary is and what it means. It also describes its relationship with the global pandemic COVID-19. It also introduces the trends of Veganuary in 2021.
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Vegan news in the world! Summary [2020]

About the vegan news of the world in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has further promoted veganism. I introduce news about EU and UK school meals, hospital meals, education and meat taxation.
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Vegan-friendly country ranking[Arbitrarily Ranking]

I made a ranking based on the food culture, vegan population rate, protein, movement, number of vegan restaurants, etc. to determine the countries that are prone to vegan.
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Gluten-free with rice flour! Crispy vegan pizza

This time, I will introduce recipes for pizza that are useful at Christmas and year-end parties. A gluten-free vegan recipe that uses rice flour. It can also be eaten by people with allergies and vegans and vegetarians. I also write about the nutritional effects of tomatoes and lycopene.
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Super easy! Taco-tasted vegan tortillas

A super easy vegan recipe. Mexican tortillas can be made in 10 minutes. It also introduces the nutritional effects of hemp seeds.

Celebrity Living As a Vegan 【USA】 

I would like to introduce you to the vegan celebrities in the US where vegans are explosively popular. Ariana Grande, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billie Eilish, Joaquin Phoenix and more. I also write about why overseas celebrities became vegan and what they are doing.
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November 1st is World Vegan Day! A day to learn vegan together!

November 1st is World Vegan Day. It also explains what vegan is and veganism. The vegan population is exploding. The food industry is experiencing a soy meat war.

3 recommended vegan restaurants! [Shinjuku]

The vegan diet is plant-based and is recommended for people who are conscious of health and beauty. Here are some recommended vegan restaurants in Shinjuku.

What is the effect of ingesting alkaline foods? Improving body odor!

Body odor depends on alkaline and acidic foods. Lipids and animal proteins cause body odor. Introducing foods that prevent body odor, such as dried plums and polyphenol.
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Women do not exist for men and blacks for whites. Animals also do not exist for humans. The rights are equal.

I think there are many vegan who think that animals are not human property. "About Animal Rights" I would like to share my thoughts about a year and a half after going vegan.

Recommended vegan ramen [cup noodles & instant noodles]

Introducing vegan cup noodles and instant noodles. The plant-based vegan diet is low in calories and healthy. I recommend T's Restaurant and IKEA vegan noodles.
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Vegan~Ball cookies with plenty of coconut

A vegan cookie recipe with plenty of coconut long and coconut oil. Coconut picks up abundant dietary fiber and helps with intestinal activity. I also introduce the nutritional effects of coconut.
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Eco-friendly plastic-free products [Kitchen]

For those who want to contribute to the marine problems of plastics, we recommend an eco-friendly plastic-free life. I introduce pots and storage containers that are plastic-free products used in the kitchen.

A vegan diet is recommended as a way to reduce LDL cholesterol! 【My Experiences】

I recommend a vegan diet as a way to lower LDL cholesterol. I introduce the reason and the food that is effective.