Is a vegan crazy?

ヴィーガン、頭おかしいvegan values

This topic is pretty shocking.

Why did I want to write about this, because when you search for “vegan” on the Internet, “vegan crazy” comes out first. lol

So I wondered how many people would like to know the answer to this question.

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To be honest, I laughed when I saw “Vegan crazy” was the biggest hit on the internet.


I definitely think weird and crazy.

Vegan is weird and crazy

From the conclusion, I think that’s right.

Foreigners who are my vegan friends

foreign friend
foreign friend

Yes, absolutely. lol

My few Japanese vegan friends are weird. (It means good)

But I think that’s vegan as seen by those who have questions about vegan.

The thing that all of them have in common is that they have their own thoughts and opinions.

It is very comfortable to do the same actions with the people around you, and there is a sense of solidarity and security.

I also feel that it is the foundation of Japanese society.

But Vegan people I met don’t have this kind of atmosphere. They are outrageous in their way of thinking and global, and there are many left-wing people.

It’s also very energetic and lively. And they feel healthy both physically and mentally.

I was a crazy child in my childhood

I haven’t really liked this “doing the same things as people” since I was a child.

“I do it because my friends are doing it, because the people around me do it.”

But why? Is that what I really want to do? What do you want to do?

What can I get from the sense of solidarity of cooperation? How will it change What is your opinion?

I was thinking so.

vegan_miku ES
vegan_miku ES

That’s because XX is tall. It’s normal for her to have that much weight.

When a friend is violated

vegan_miku JH
vegan_miku JH

Why don’t you do that? He got kicked and hurt. You are the only one having fun.

I was a weird kid who spoke out what I felt, “I think it’s different,” rather than reading the air.

I think that the sense of justice was stronger than people.

I wasn’t particularly interested in trendy fashions, dramas, popular shows, or music, and liked to read books and watch movies alone.

I often watched movies about social and health problems in the United States and Britain, and global warming. I also liked foreign music and movies.

Of course, it was like that, so there were many things I didn’t know or couldn’t keep up with in conversations with my friends.

But the story was uninteresting, so I didn’t feel lonely even if I couldn’t keep up with the conversation, and I didn’t bother at all.

Because there was another world that I wanted to go home to know earlier than that.

my mother
my mother

Friends are important, so play with them more.

When I was an elementary school student, I was in the basketball club, land and swimming clubs, so I didn’t play actively with friends except when I was active as an athletic club, and I liked playing alone.

Anyway, I like books, and on holidays, I had my brother take me to a community center where I practice my basketball, and I read the books in the library of the community hall with myself.

Of course, I visited libraries in various districts, had all the library cards of five family members in my hand, and rented dozens of them.


Nard completely…

But I realized the importance of my friends that my mother said when I was a high school student.

I still need one person’s time, but my friends are a lifetime.

I think the strong sense of justice that has been strong since childhood is now the source of vegan action.

Childhood with a keen interest in the world-I’m worried about global warming and poor countries


I didn’t know the topic of fashion, I didn’t want my boyfriend, and I wasn’t a kid at all.

At that time, I was interested in the outside world.

When you were in elementary school, did you feel that there was only that world in elementary school?

When I went back and forth between home and school, I felt that the big outside world for me was school.

But at some point, I no longer feel that school is the only world.

“What happens when elementary school ends? What kind of world do you have when you grow up?”

My interest has spread to foreign countries.

My doubt

“Is there a hungry country? Why can’t I eat everyday? What does a poor country mean?”

“And yet, what is America, which has a lot of obesity in the era of abundant food. Why do you have such problems in a country with abundant food and in a poor country?”

“Why does the nation fight to die? Why did the Jewish past pass through that adult world?”

“Life is important to be taught at school.”

“Why isn’t global warming seriously addressing this problem even before I was born?”

“Why can you say that is a lie?”

Although former American Vice President Al Gore conducted various studies and proved that global warming is occurring, many politicians argued against it.

Knowing that, I felt resentment as a child.

I’m vegan now, but sometimes it becomes vacant and I feel impatient with the deterioration of the global environment.

I wasn’t particularly skeptical about eating animals. Many people who are vegan have such an idea from their childhood.

I think it’s a natural trend to grow up with that idea and choose vegan, a way of life that does not eat animals.

Therefore, the idea is not crazy, but it seems crazy because the behavior is so deviating from habits.

Because of the minority of people who practice different things from people, they are often a little different.

In what is the courage to say “Isn’t it different?”

This is all true.

Becoming a revolutionary as a nurse


I am a nurse, but the medical system is not equipped with a work system more than I expected.

I think that is also the responsibility of the nurses we hire.

Many nurses fall asleep by being unfairly treated at work.

But my sync is strong and really robust. Watching the sync gave me the confidence that I was right and that gave me courage.

And, I told my teacher about my opinion and how to improve the problem.

my friend
my friend

Revolutionary Miku!!

In the end, my workplace didn’t change, but I was able to convey it, so I have no regrets.

I also think that it was a good opportunity because it was an opportunity for people to know that I had such an opinion.

In order to change the work environment, it is important to first say, “I think that is different.”

It’s difficult to tell your boss, “That’s different, I want you to do this.” The work environment is worse than that of general companies, and there are many managers with old ideas.


“Even if you think differently from people, tell them what you think is correct.”

I think this is why vegans are said to be crazy.

Especially if it’s a very small number of 1% of the world’s population.

To be honest, I want you to spread the botanical diet to the world.

But I don’t hurry because I want everyone to know the need to do so.

And the world is changing as more and more people are already aware of its importance.

I thought I didn’t have to rush anymore.

Because the world changes naturally.