How does vegan do for eating out and drinking

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n this article, vegan_miku, who has only a year of vegan history, will write about what she felt through her work and friends, and about eating out and drinking.

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  • I want to be vegan, but I don’t know how to treat people around me! !! 
  • I want to know how to be vegan outside!
  • I want to participate in frequent drinking parties, but I’m worried that it may be useless because it’s vegan!

When you live as a vegan in Japan, you may feel cramped or uncomfortable.


I would like to talk about how I overcame it in the past year and became able to blend into society with some experiences.

At work

At first, I didn’t say I was vegan at work. But I was saying, “I don’t like meat very much.”

The lunch I made and brought for lunch was salad and fruits, vegetables and hummus and beans.

I don’t eat white rice, which is the staple food. Sometimes I used to eat quinoa or ancient rice instead of white rice. And I always brought vegetables and fruits. My favorite vegetables are beets and kale.

Of course, the people at work often saw my lunch and asked a lot about food ingredients and meals.

superior A
superior A

You don’t have a staple food, right? Only vegetables and fruits? What kind of food is the red one? What is hummus? What is the name of the orange beans? What is lentil?

Every time I went to lunch, people at work looked at my food and asked questions. I knew me as “Eat something strange and have a strong, healthy geek”. That’s a fact.

One day, a senior asked me when I was eating a lunch of vegetables and fruits as usual.

superior B
superior B

Maybe… you are vegan?

She learned about vegan on TV. That day, I confessed, “I’m actually vegan.”

Since then, I have received similar questions from some seniors. However, I didn’t explain to myself that I was vegan.

I only talked about vegan when the person asked me, “Are you vegetarian or vegan?” At that time, I say, “I don’t eat animal foods such as meat, fish, and dairy products, but rather plant-based foods,” I say.

Know the word vegan I wanted them to know more about their diet rather than being asked to.

Workers have asked more questions after learning about my diet.


What are you doing with protein? Is it biased, but is nutrition all right? Do you feel the smell of fish and meat looks good? What do you do with your family at home?

I was glad that people around me asked me questions with interest. My impression is that it’s completely vegan from a healthy nerd.

At a drinking party


I don’t eat much at drinking parties. However, the people around me kindly asked me, “What do you want?”, and answered “I’m not hungry, so I’m okay.” I didn’t do my best.

At that time, people around me ordered several times, saying, “Isn’t it okay for you to eat this because it’s a vegetable?”

After that, when I ordered, I started to ask for about two items for the knob.

At the drinking party in the workplace, I first fill my stomach before participating in the drinking party. There are foods that can be used here.

It’s a chia seed.

Make your own chia seed drink in advance. This chia seed drink is easy to get hungry and easy to carry around when you go out.

Convenient chia seeds


On the day before the drinking party, prepare 1 tablespoon of chia seeds + 150 mL of water. Put this in a wide 300mL plastic bottle and keep it soft.

Before eating out, add “1 tablespoon kinako + soy milk” to it.

Nuts are put in this drink and eaten together. I will put the nuts in a small bag and bring them.

If you put it just before eating, the texture of nuts will remain and you will chew well, so you will feel more full. I’ll bring what I have at home with nuts that I think could be topped with a drink.

For example, buckwheat, cocoa nibs, dried fruits, and seeds.

Therefore, I feel quite full and don’t worry about feeling hungry after that.

Eat while chewing well, but it feels like a drink, so you can eat while walking.

Because I’m full with the chia seed drink before the drinking party, I don’t eat much at the drinking party.

Choosing a drinking restaurant

superior A
superior A

What should I do for a drinking restaurant? Where is good? You can’t eat it, right?


You can use it at a yakitori restaurant or a fish restaurant anywhere! I don’t eat at drinking parties. I am going to drink.🍺

Rather, the shop proposes a restaurant where animal food, which is a staple of drinking parties, is popular.

What to eat at a drinking party

Below is an example of what I specifically ask for in the restaurant .

Drinking party

Japanese restaurant ➡ edamame, cabbage, tofu, kimchi, vegetables sashi, cucumber vinegar

Western food restaurant➡nuts, olives, french fries, crispy pasta, vegetable sticks, baguettes

Eating out


I think the biggest problem when eating out is bonito dashi. Lightly pickled cucumbers or boiled vegetables may contain bonito dashi. Besides, it is also contained in the soup of udon and soba. It should be noted that buckwheat noodles are not raw noodles, but dry noodles are often kneaded with eggs.

Because of such a situation, I think that many vegans, especially those living in Japan, have decided how much the vegan is tolerable and what the level of vegan is.

Vegan does not have to be 100%.

Vegan is

“Do not exploit animals as much as you can”

I think it’s important to agree with this.

If you have a vegan person around you, ask that person, “how much is acceptable and where is out?”

My vegan level


I basically try not to eat bonito dashi when eating out. However, since bonito dashi is included in everything, it is possible that bonito dashi is ingested unknowingly due to lack of study.

There are also exceptions.

When eating out or eating in a commercial facility, if you have a choice of butcher, fish shop, and soba shop, you should choose soba shop, whether it be dried noodles or bonito soup.

To the end, it is “what I can do”.

About alcohol

I will talk about alcohol here. I drink wine at drinking parties. By the way, at a Japanese restaurant, I drink sour and plum wine.

Wine and beer are filtered using a filter during the manufacturing process. The filter is often a fish bladder. Therefore, some vegan wines and beers are available. I don’t drink beer because I don’t like beer.

I’ve never seen a vegan-friendly wine for eating out. Therefore, wine is acceptable.


Vegan people often wonder what to do when drinking and eating out.

If you can’t confess that you’re vegan, say “I’m not good at meat and fish,” even if you don’t do much cooking when you have a large drinking party. There is no problem.

However, it’s difficult for a small party. Because it is a small group, it is very noticeable if you do not touch the food. In that case, you may want to give a confession.

If you say “Vegan” Will let you know that there is such a person.

Japanese society values ​​cooperation. It’s very important, but sometimes it becomes closed and eliminates diversity.

Therefore, even if we say, “Let’s aim for a global and diverse society,” Japan is always a conservative reality, not a global society. Therefore, Japan is always behind Japan.

Recently, Chiemi Blouson confessed that she has a “meat-free life”. Until now, he seems to have been afraid to be bothered by the surroundings. I think Blouson Chiemi surely felt that it was difficult to live in this society where cooperation is important.


Although there are many vegetarians and vegans in Japan, I think there are many people who do not profess.

First of all, it’s a good idea to tell your friends who are easy to talk to and let others know about it little by little.

It’s hard to live, but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat out.

I’m going to BBQ. As a “specialty of eating vegetables”.

I also love drinking parties. As a “drink specialty”.

No matter what you eat, it’s still a good time to share with others.