How does vegan do with family meals and dinner?

日本の夕食、和食vegans worried

I think that many people who are trying to adopt vegan are worried about “what to do with family dinner”.

I think that people who are not vegan are also interested, so I will introduce it.

Recommended for such people


  • I want to have vegan, but I don’t know what to eat!
  • I want to start vegan loosely!
  • I want to eat healthy!
  • I’m worried about cholesterol!
  • I’m having trouble eating with my family!


Vegans do not mainly eat “meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and bonito soup”.

Vegan’s diet is healthy because it’s animal-free, and it’s also low in cholesterol!

Basically, one soup and three vegetables[一汁三菜(ichizyusansai)]

When I’m alone for dinner, I often have super easy chia seed bowls.

However, I live with my family, so I cook proper dinner.

There are often rice and one soup and three vegetables.

One of the three vegetables is meat or fish.This is for non-vegan families.

I will set aside it for myself when I do not eat that dish or when I only have vegetables before adding meat.

This means that you can have dinner with a non-vegan family even if you are vegan.

Dinner: Shishito and shimeji and aburaage with soy sauce, kinpira celery

The bottom right of the photo is ponzu sauce of shirasu & new onion & avocado.
I ate without shirasu.

When I became vegan, I often learned about soup stock and noticed that the Japanese food without a bonito soup made by my mother was delicious.

When I come home first, I cook dinner, and when my mother comes home first, my mother cooks it.

Also, at dinner time, I often eat seasonal citrus fruits.

It’s because of vitamin C intake and protein breakdown.

Dinner: version Hanami

I ate a salad without cheese and a lot of cousin of pumpkin. Of course, without fish

Cheese was the last cheese I saw in my house.

Table conversation at dinner


What stir-fried this vegetable is delicious! What is the seasoning?

my mother
my mother

Only salt.


How is this seasoned? Did you put bonito soup (dashi) in this cuisine?

my mother
my mother

Konbu dashi and shiitake dashi.


Mom, you used the soy meat I bought! Thank you.

I like the combination of pumpkin, onion and soy meat! Is it delicious?

my mother
my mother

It was good.

Maybe soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar.


The seasoning of Japanese food is delicious!

The conversation at the table is mostly about ingredients and seasonings.

There will also be days when I will share vegan news.

I enjoy vegan food like this with my family. It is fun to make various dishes by trial and error.

But I think I’m enjoying it because my family understands it.

And my younger brother (tanao) is interested in environmental science and accepts vegan. He also loves cooking, so he enjoys cooking vegan food together.

In such an environment, I can enjoy the meal time together with the support and understanding of my family.



At work, I’m supposed to eat something weird. My mother also brings the lunch I made to her workplace. That’s why she seems to be “healthy and organic lovers.”

I think many people wonder, “What are you doing at dinner or with your family?” However, there is no inconvenience.

I eat Japanese food based on one soup and three vegetables.

When I became vegan, I was envious of vegan life abroad.

However, Japan has soybean foods like tofu, natto, and miso, and there are many soy meats made in Japan.

I’ve recently come to think, “I’m glad in Japan where soybeans and fermented foods are easily available.”

I used tofu only for miso soup. However, using tofu as a substitute for scrambled eggs and as a substitute for ginger-grill (tofu steak), I increased my repertoire of dishes.

“local production for local consumption”, which means that “the local ingredients are consumed by the people who live there” This leads to a reduction in carbon footprint, which is carbon, and a reduction in the use of agricultural chemicals.

You can cook vegan foods that are old in Japan, even if they are not from overseas.


Vegan people, please enjoy your meal time with your family.

You can enjoy vegan food with Japanese or with your family.